Finished jury service today

Not sure you are allowed to talk about the particulars online, but I feel proper shit now


Just a couple of really really shit situations involving people who are generally living in shit conditions.

Anyone else done it? I am going to get over the feelings of total despair at the world quickly?

Hope I never have to do it, it sounds shit and hard and boring.


I think you are sure. You’re not. So don’t.

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I’ve done it a few times. I found it interesting, but it can be pretty bleak, yeah (and I wasn’t dealing with anything especially serious in the grand scheme of things, it must be horrendous if the case is a harrowing one).

Pretty disheartening when you realise just how much the other members of the jury are willing to gossip and seemingly open to misconstruing statements from the judge, etc.

Decent free lunches though.

Yeah Justin looking it up, online it’s a no no

Yes I’ve done it and, like you, it was a pretty horrible case that made me quite upset/ despondent with the legal process. But yeah, not really much you can say on the internet is there?

was justin the defendant?


Nope! Just quite nice to hear other people found it difficult!

I’ve said too much!


I would like to do it out of curiosity, but I’d imagine the novelty quickly wears off and it becomes really boring, really fast.

Probably a lot like getting stuck in a lift, only for 2 weeks or whatever…

Oh one interesting thing that happened in mine was that one of the jurors just walked out mid-trial, said something along the lines of “what a load of bollocks”(we were in the juror room rather than in court) and then didn’t come back. It was quite entertaining watching the court clerks panic like “what the fuck do we do here?”.


That is amazing!

Not done jury service but have spent many, many hours in court rooms hearing different cases, and it generally is utterly depressing. The absolute horror some people face on a day to day basis is hard to face - the main thing that I took away from it was how much drugs impact on people, addiction was a factor in so many of the cases I followed.

I guess all you can do is know you did your best.

Going to eat pizza and drink some beer

My experience too. Seeing the process in action is pretty interesting, but I’m glad I didn’t have to view/hear anything too intense. I can imagine it being tedious as hell after more than a couple of days as well. The make-up of the jury was what I expected - A generally ok bunch with a few utter pricks in there too. It terrified me that some folk might be at the mercy of a jury weighted the other way.

Regarding the lunches, I had a cracking steak pie on day one.

How long for?

Miss f was on a famous case for a few months once.

Not long
Couple of cases over a couple of weeks

How famous are we talking here?

did you actually think there may be a possibility you can talk about the particulars?


Not really, perhaps I should’ve chosen my words more carefully maybe, not like OJ or anything but it was in the national news.