finishing something big

please use this thread to celebrate your achievement of finishing something BIG

i finally got through a 24 pack of pepsi max last night. that one took about a month.


got through a tub of salt earlier this year

must have been a five year project, that one. what a day.


I… fuck. Muting thread.


Got about 30 rolls of bin bags last year. Think we’re going to be taking them with us next time we move house.

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Must feel pretty good


Almost at the bottom of the VO5 hair wax/putty/whatever it is I use and have the replacement tub. Tiny tin but it takes somewhere between a year and 18 months to get through. £4 well spent.

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I’m 7 puzzles away from finishing the 400 puzzle page on my Picture Cross app. It’s taken months and months.

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went in on 24 x cushelle’s last year. hardly made a dent in them so far.

going to take quite a while i think

My dad gets aproderm cream free on prescription so passes it onto me, excellent massive pot that is the best leg moisturiser I’ve ever used. Nearly through the 500mltub.

what sort of time frame we talking for a 500ml tub of aproderm?

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in 20 minutes time I will have finished my first week back after a 4 weeks holiday

and let me tell you it has been a fucking struggle

not quite finished yet though. Back in 20 minutes with an update.

Finishing a huge book, I’ve learnt relatively recently, is fantastic for this. Amazing feeling to finish it and then bang it down.

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do you like the uncertainty of not quite knowing where the limit is with those or do you take them apart at intervals for a level check?

This pic makes me feel so ill

That’s not even one Pepsi Max a day you COWARD

I like the thrill. It’s the most excitement I get all day.

But just for you.

I fondly remember living with one other guy and a four pack would last us month. Now we seem to go through a roll a day. I’m considering installing cameras to find out why.

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Very nearly finished final fantasy Ten, the first one I’ll ever have finished. 65 hours of my life. Can’t wait to never play it again

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*buried in them