Fiona Apple

yeah, i never really got into her music before but i must be on my 4th play through of Tidal today

what a fucking album

share songs you like by her, those other albums good too then, yeah?

fucking hell this song…


She’s great. Love all her albums.

That’s funny - for no apparent reason I’ve never listened to her before but decided I should check her out after hearing her on the Andrew Bird album. From initial listening all the albums sound really good - actually Tidal is the one i’ve listened to least so far but not for any reason other than time.

Big fan. Tidal’s pretty much the best album, but I’ll always have a soft spot for this:


Tidal is this month’s Vinyl Me Please release. Really don’t know much of her stuff but I decided to keep my subscription active for this one…

you’re in for a treat

I saw that on MTV when it was first released, and I was instantly hooked. had to go London to buy the cd because they didn’t have it in Cambridge. I got to see her play London in 2005, strange that she hasn’t come back since.

Doesn’t she have an album with a title so long it breaks the MP3 tags?

When the Pawn… presumably. The Idler Wheel’s full title is stupidly long as well.

I would argue Fiona Apple is the greatest singer/songwriter America has produced in the last 20 years. I would also argue that had she lived and died such as Amy Winehouse she would be much more well know and acclaimed. As it is she seems destined to be remembered the same way we remember someone like Laura Nyro. Which actually might not be a bad thing.

Don’t miss “Across the Universe”. I’m pretty sure it was just a single and didn’t end up on any album but it’s one of my favorite songs by Fiona.


Think she did that for a soundtrack. I honestly think that it is a rare case of a cover that is better than the original - she somehow manages to not do anything radical yet transform it.

This is a beast:


never heard of her before but this is truly a great song.

The vocals in that song are just off the chain.

I do wonder if Fiona will ever make another record.

Still listening to Tidal almost daily since discovering it. Signed up to Vinyl Me, Please for the LP too.

Those first four tracks are absolutely perfect.


Just came here to say I’ve been listening to ‘The Idler Wheel…’ pretty much non-stop for the last 2-3 weeks and it’s absolutely incredible. The songs, the singing, the percussion, the stripped back orchestration. She has such a knack for a piano ‘hook’.

Seems to me like she’s grossly overlooked, especially on these shores. Is she massive in America? She should be.

This run is up there:


4/4 for great albums. Just realised the gap from Extraordinary Machine to Idler Wheel is the same length of time from Idler Wheel to now…

Was gutted she pulled out of Primavera 2013.

Damn, me too. She was my top pick for Primavera '13 and very disappointing that she never came back like Bjork did.

Maybe something next year?

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