Fiona Apple

The new album is great - not sure about the 10/10s across the board but it’s probably my favourite of the year so far along with Grimes. The CD/vinyl are due out in July it looks like.

Not sure I like it as much as Idler Wheel…

She’s got my 4 year old boy repeating “I won’t shut up” constantly. Cheers Fi

Good record though. Layers unfolding with every listen.

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Love that one! It was in the soundtrack to ‘Pleasantville’ (great film).


Idler Wheel might edge it for me too. But that is a really great record so no biggie.

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Bloody hell this is good!

My AOTY so far. Wish she could tour it.


I’ve never really liked anything of hers beyond Criminal, but I really like some of this… just, I always loathe self consciously avant garde things (the end of I Want You To Love Me is unlistenable, the end of Fetch The Bolt Cutters would be tolerable but the barking goes on so long that it puts me on edge, the start of Ladies is annoying af). The last third feels stronger than the rest - partly as a result of none of these - get rid of the annoying things and I’d probably love the album.

Under The Table is one of the most relatable songs I’ve heard about being a woman (fave track for sure) and there are bits of For Her that are painfully relevant too.

Overall rating: idk how can you rate something where the peaks are so high and the valleys so annoyingly low??? I keep listening to bits of it though


Trying to explain the concept to my 7 year old daughter of kicking someone under the table to make them shut up involved me inventing a scenario involving the principle characters of Harry Potter and Snape.

One of the best albums of 2020


Absolutely brilliant story. And really adore this album. It’s just so… human.