FIP Radio

I reckon FIP radio from Paris is the best radio station in the world. A big statement but it never fails to please. Eclectic, minimal chat (in French) no ads or news and makes me reach for Shazam loads.

Give it a try, I think it’s on most radio apps or shout “hey google, play fip radio” at that thing in the kitchen. Try at different times of the day for different moods and styles.

Web link here too:

PS. I’m not on commission.


This is a great heads-up to be fair.


I miss listening to FIP in the car back in the day (could pick it up in Brighton). I should revisit it for sure

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Yep - been listening to it for years. They also run specialist channels that feature jazz, reggae, world, ‘groove’ and rock music via the FIP app, so worth a DL. There’s zero talk on it at the moment due to the pandemic, so it’s really 24/7 music all round now. Magnifique!!

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Thanks for this! I love how simple the app is too.

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Thanks for pointing me to this. So much great stuff they play that I’ve never heard of. Which I always find exciting, rather than anything else. I’m always fascinated by the reasons that French music doesn’t seem to get more attention in the UK. So much of it is excellent. This radio station is probably going to become a staple listen for me. And its playlist is probably going to decimate my bank balance.


Merde, just learned throught the site that singer Christophe passed away a few days ago… :frowning:

Iconic French song for you …