Fire Emblem: Nerds Assemble!

Oh wow. Some major shit has gone down in Fire Emblem. Too spoilerrific to even hint at, but I am LIVID


fuckin’ thing sucks


I’m 28hrs in and the story has been ramping up A LOT

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20 hours in now, nothing exciting yet apart from a little niggle between classmates, one of whom might be a baddie…

I fucking hate sothis though

From experience about the 25hr mark, online I’ve heard 22 - 35hrs is when stakes raise depending on how much side shit you do. I do like how its taking its time with the plot as its giving you plenty of time to get attached to characters, which deffo works in this stories favour.


or do I


I really dont like the sounds of that

My delivery has been delayed was looking forward to making a half hearted start on this tomorrow morning and then telling you all why you were wrong to like it tomorrow afternoon. :expressionless:

You wont tell us we are wrong, because its DAT DAMNED GOOD

Won’t be telling you anything cos it’s not coming now for days. Sad times.

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Just doing a mission - I like how they’ve lifted it almost 100% from warcraft 3.

Also like how the mercenary one with the gravelly voice and long hair who’s popular with all the ladies is called Jeralt.


Enter topical joke about Harry maguire here:

Your days off (for FE wankers)

  • Seminar!
  • Explore the monastery!
  • Battle!
  • Rest!

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  • Manually
  • Automatically

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Also, about 5 hours in. Nice and low threat so far, enjoying pootering about exploring and being the best teacher I can be.

Depends. There’s severe diminishing returns on exploring more than once a month so usually that first (also picks up quests that you need to Battle to complete) then probably Battle and Seminar for the rest.

First week always explore! ALWAYS! Get your students nice n motivated and run errands.

2nd week I usually battle, grind out a couple battles to try and level up any underachievers (Ferdinand) so they become annoyingly good later in the game (Ferdinand) and make sure you do the rare monster battles as there will be a decent number of item drops (indicated by red explanation mark on the calendar)

Rarely do Seminars unless my students are currently unmotivated. Rest when I cba with either of the above and just want the next story beat.

As you level up you get more action points which means, more often than not, you only need to explore once a month. But early game you may need to twice

Might skip the pub to play Fire Emblem tonight.


Just got to the (first?) oh shiiiiit bit.

Oh shiiiiit

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