Fire Emblem: Nerds Assemble!

On the final battle. It’s very hard. Any tips you want to spoiler and send my way?

git gud

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on my black eagles playthrough now

recruited my atds rafael and leonie in the first week by maxing out their support levels. don’t like that creep hubert, or edelgard very much. missing my old deer crew :frowning:

Dorothea is an absolute gbol.

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just use Claude and one shot everything upto and including all the final bosses?


claude and hilda wrecking crew.

Yeah I was right, the Blue Lions story is much more coherent than the Black Eagles one that I did.

It is done

It is on eBay

Play two more houses, coward!

And the second storyline for the Black Panthers.

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Honestly thing I’d rather do that than have to endure Claude saying “teach” all the time.

Oh, I reached support level B for Bernie last night. That’s one fucked up life she’s had.

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Absolutely not. Also

ended up with Manuela somehow? Didn’t even fancy her mate

The fuck is wrong with you? She’s also a gbol.

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22 hours in and it’s just dawned on me - there’s about 50 students running around the place with no bedrooms and there’s not a single toilet or bathroom in the entire castle/monastery.

Squatty potty

Jeralt!!! Noooooooo!!!

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downloaded awakenings on my laptop which is a bad idea because i have a lot of things to do.

I’ve been meaning to work out how to do this. What emulator are you using? Where do you find the ROMs?

Will pm you