Fireflies in Connecticut: A DiS project

People following @wonton’s thread of DiS’s favourite writers might have seen this:

A total fabrication of our generous list compiler, complete with a whole fictitious body of work: American Cream, Free Men, Good Men, Fireflies in Connecticut, Highways and Hotels and not to forget Other.

Then emerged the idea of making some writing and other art to go with the title Fireflies in Connecticut. Either just for the fun of it, or if there is enough and people want I can make it into a little printed zine we can distribute among ourselves (which I think would be quite fun). Obviously music couldn’t go in a print version, so that would just have a bandcamp link or something.

Also an option would be to open it up to any of Spellerman’s titles, if people feel more motivated by others.

  • Stick to just Fireflies in Connecticut
  • Open it up to all Spellerman titles

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To get an idea of viability, people interested what would you be likely to try make?

  • Writing
  • Visual art
  • Music
  • Other? (please state)

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Hopefully this works and is fun :+1:


I think one good thing to have might be a biography for Herbert Spellerman. Or possibly many, conflicting ones.

Also fake book reviews might be fun and quite easy, short things to write (could also be very detailed if that was preferable to someone writing)

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I would like to do this! I don’t know how you want to divvy things up, but just put me down for whatever, I like having a spur to make stuff and I love this as an idea

Just do whatever you would like to do :slight_smile:

I’ll save the problem of practically collating things to when there are things to collate!

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Wow a renaissance man.


Herbert Spell/Sing/Drawman


Very up for doing this

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This is very exciting for me but I’ll probably just sign up to spectate, for now


If it gets as far as the zine making part can I have a quote from you for the back cover? Could just be short, I could even give you a selection to choose from if thar was simpler.

(also, sorry I should probably have asked you before using your creation)


What the bloody hell is going on here then?


So writing ideas I am thinking about:

  • writing as if you were HS using one of the titles, you can decide if he is a novelist, poet, playwright, whatever
  • writing something else as HS, like a letter to a other writier or his author
  • fake biographies, book reviews, interviews
  • even if you don’t really write you could contribute quotes about an imagined book or quotes attributed to him, or, I don’t know… essay questions I can dress up like part of a fake A level paper… anything!

Drawing/visual ideas:

  • anything generally inspired by the titles
  • author portraits
  • made up book covers or illustrations

Hi Herbert, we’re making you exist, you’re welcome.


I love this idea so much :smiley:


This is a good and fun idea, I think

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I think it is, hopefully it turns out to be just that.

Ooh I’ve had an idea for this. I knew I’d use my degree one day.


People are also more than welcome to submit anonymously if they prefer :+1:

For any musicians, what about the idea of him becoming a bit like Burroughs collaborating with Kurt Cobain and the like when he’s a cult figure in old age?


I wish I wasn’t tired today. I want to think up ideas for this!!

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