Fireworks displays


Thoughts? Jolly fun time or underwhelming and full of smelly crowds and children? Don’t usually bother myself, due to the crowds, but Ms qbert wants to go. Where is good in LME-land?


Nice communal bit of fun. Actual fireworks are pretty underwhelming but quite a nice couple of hours out,


If I can’t get a pot of mushy peas, then it can fuck off.

Otherwise, it can be a nice time if the display is good.


Pretty standard things for DiSers to dislike, if memory serves me correctly.

I’m going to one tonight: it’s pretty good, it’s well-attended and it’s free (save for a £1 charity donation). Take sensible footwear, wear a second pair of socks, don’t arrive too early, go “ooooh” with your children, go home and have a glass of port and / or hot chocolate.


Are we all staying round @chris-budget this year?


Why is it tonight? With the 5th on a Saturday why are they all week?


Growing up on the IoW and going to Cowes Week fireworks every fucking year (which are pretty good) means I am not bothered.

Blackheath is alright but an absolute pain in the arse to find a pub with space in after. There’s no bonfire though which is shite.


I will be frequenting the recreation grounds within the forest on the morrow fine sir

Shall I see thees face at thou event of miraculous night lights?


yeah sure - i’ll meet you off the train


Bonfire > Sparklers> Fireworks


I don’t know - maybe it clashes with a football match or something and they can’t get enough policing. It’s normally on the 5th round here, though.


Firework displays that I am attending - enjoyable way to spend an evening.
All other fireworks - fuck off you noisy, selfish twats.


Surprisingly positive so far, I’m glad :slight_smile:

The one I’m looking at is apparently ‘Shakespeare themed’. Dunno really what that means in the context of a fireworks display


My good fellow, I’m saddened to say I could not be specific either way. Shall I send thee a missive via the facebook if I do?


It means xylo will find it hilarious


Going to one tomorrow!

Hi Viz jackets not allowed!


Decent ones in London are Battersea Park, Ally Pally, Clissold Park, Greenwich and Walthamstow.

Parliament Hill is a good spot for ‘stealing’ firework displays for free, but they are going to close the hill this year if it gets too busy.


Oooo loud noises and bright flashy things ooooo.

Grow up.




That’s the one.