Fireworks Night

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Going to any tonight? Doing your own?

I quite fancy going out for community fireworks and eating something greasy.

I would like to see them if they were silent and accompanied by a person (human) making the sounds via a PA system instead


Shit for cunts.

Leaving conference

Make sure to take loads of pictures on your phone where you end up just missing each explosion and that you’ll never look at again!


May I nominate Michael Winslow?

The fireworks conference

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With his consent

He said no :frowning:

I’m okay with having fleeting experiences. If I can’t photograph them that’s fine.


Best fireworks experience I ever saw was in Iceland for New Year’s Eve and it’s not a display, its just everyone wanders around the city just fucking letting them off wherever. It’s fucking bonkers.

My opinion on them in general is “out of order to dogs, get rid of em”


Does the dog not recover

If a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to put it on Instagram does it even exist?


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They get scared and it’s really unfair on them.

I think it’s ok on designated nights where you can anticipate and prepare for them (Nov 5th, NYE, Diwali etc)

Pricks letting them off at other times during the year can do one though.


Saw a similar thing in Budapest one new years eve, was quite thrilling! Particularly considering how effective the TV campaigns about getting fucked up by fireworks that I grew up watching were, resulting in a deep down anxiety about fireworks and pylons.


I think it should be limited to proper displays only and only on Bonfire Night/New Years Eve (maybe). No sales to the general public basically.


I had a gang o lads shoot one at me as I was getting into my car a couple of years back, so just to prevent that from happening to anyone else I would agree, because that was shit.

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Diwali, Eid Al Adha etc as well, can’t be exclusionary with it IMO


I like organised events, but i’m increasingly of the opinion that people shouldn’t really be able to prat around with fireworks all willy nilly. Some animals really don’t like them.


Yeah agreed all round. It’s not nice for them but tbf they do seem fine like an hour later in my experience. Cultural events it’s a fair toss


Yes you’re completely right ofc. Just typed the first 2 events that came to mind.

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