GBOLs but I’ve seen enough now this year.

People who set them off after 11pm are fireberks


Also seen one, seen them all. Look nice for 30 seconds then thats it

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should be banned on all dates apart from nov 5th and new year

  • Sure, I love fireworks! Fuck a dog/cat!
  • I care about the anxieties of our beloved furry friends

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can’t these science brains work on fireworks that aren’t so loud? ffs, what year is it!!

I care about dogs/cats but not sure id want to get rid of fireworks. There must be a way of making them quieter?

Would support them being restricted to one or two days to reduce the impact.

remember some lads firing fireworks at people on the street just up the road from the marquis a couple of years ago. there was a small fire and everything.


5th Nov, Diwali and NYE only IMO

It’s horrible hearing clearly distressed dogs during them. Poor old Monty used to hate them, was out on a walk with him once when there was no reason whatsoever for fireworks to be going off and someone started setting off a shitload of them and he just fucking legged it the poor bastard :disappointed:

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Limit them to professional displays - stop sales at supermarkets etc?


Burst out laughing at this.

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Sounds good to me, friend

always wonder what professional fire works display people do the rest of the year.

prefer bonfires
proper public firework displays are great, cba with people buying their own and launching them willy nilly though.

dutch people are the worst for this, last new years eve i was cycling to the beach at like 8pm and so many people were setting them off in the bike lanes, actually scary

Design next years?

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