Research, probably.

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glad we settled that.

Went to Lewes this year, they do a good fireworks display. The pope’s head popped off

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Yeah. That was very quick and easy. Excellent stuff. Thanks everyone.

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@1101010 Get this one closed off now please, friend. A consensus has been reached.

the kids on the estate run around shooting fireworks at each other.

my ‘glad we settled that’ post upthread was in reference to the question regarding the employment status of professional fireworksmen/women on nights other than divali/new years eve/5th of november, and in no way intended to disparage conversion on what is, for many people, a very serious issue.

please continue to enjoy this wonderful discussion.

No, I think we’ve covered it all. I made a quick, concise thread with a quick, concise chat in mind. I feel it’s achieved that goal and we can all move on with our lives now.

@1101010 do the honours, friend.

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haven’t seen any this year. you don’t know what you’ve got til it’s gone

I remember mates firing them at the Gardaí when they came to shut down our underage drinking sessions around Hallowe’en. Wildly dangerous.