Fireworks ๐ŸŽ†

Seem to be a lot this year, have been beleaguered by the bright bastards since November tbh, some going off right now and the other day, the people next door let some off around 9.30pm and I nearly died of fright

What is your favourite firework colour though

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I donโ€™t know why we still let people buy explosives to set off in their gardens (or chuck through peopleโ€™s letter boxes)

  • Ban fireworks completely
  • Allow them only for organised displays with some sort of license
  • Allow any adult to buy them

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I like them but it seems insane that anyone can go letting them off anywhere

Had one land in my garden over new years, bet this is pretty common. Animals hate them too donโ€™t they.

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Some animals hate them, most donโ€™t seem arsed though. Some people hate them too.

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Bloody love fireworks me - always have done since I was a nipper. Used to bring extra powerful ones back from holidays in France.

A mate of mine runs an events company and has some ultra ultra powerful ones which we have been fairly dangerous with when drunk :grimacing: (caveat: he lives in the middle of nowhere).

All that said, can totally understand why people hate them. If youโ€™re anxious, random fireworks even if you know itโ€™s coming (Nov 5th/Diwali) must be painful let alone random occasions, particularly in a high population density area. Plus I know that some pets hate them - growing up, my sisters rabbit died on Guy Fawkes Night presumably from fright :frowning:

When I lived in Australia you couldnโ€™t buy fireworks as just an average joe (except Northern Territories I recall, but thatโ€™s bandit country) which equally both surprised me and seemed obviously very sensible :woman_shrugging:

think the last time i bought and set off fireworks was when Spain won the world cup 10 years ago.

also thought fireworks were better than clapping for NHS workers for some reason. definitely funnier.

Several supermarkets have stopped selling them, which might be a sign that demand for them is dropping?

Yep, plenty of autistic folk and otherwise people with sensory processing difficulties or sensitivities. Also a PTSD trigger for some.

Absolutely should only be allowed in limited displays for religious or cultural holidays, on the actual specific days and not a whole couple of weeks around it.


Someone round here was doing fireworks for the 8pm claps. Bit pointless when it was light outside. Didnโ€™t hear any clapping here, only fireworks from probably a mile or more away


My area had the whole lot, pots and pans etc :pensive:

drone displays:

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Not a big fan of fireworks. Once youโ€™ve seen one, youโ€™ve seen them all. I can see why they call them fireWORKS

Think you have to be 16 to buy fireworks? Might just be another ID hassle measure?

Donโ€™t trust drones, any drones. Sure not all of them are spying on you but enough are

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Fireworks are great but I donโ€™t think the average Joe should be allowed to buy them


My last time was when United won the league. Was setting them off in Albert square and the police came

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Thery are age restricted, canโ€™t remember to what age, they also have to be stored securely, which i think is the case at all points in the supply chain. Think a licence is needed to sell them. So they are a bit of a pain in the arse for shops, but itโ€™s only the last couple of years Iโ€™ve heard of supermarkets stopping selling them, which makes me think that itโ€™s due to demand dropping to a level where itโ€™s no longer cost effective to sell them given all the additional measures

Went to a sausage and cider festival a few years ago. Was pretty good tbf. Smashing weather. The big climax was meant to a fireworks display. Unfortunately they chose to do it at half 7 in July. Absolutely pointless.

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They have the World Fireworks Championships in Plymouth every year, thatโ€™s normally good, and normal displays are usually ok but absolutely should not be available to buy for any old schmuck.