First and Lasts

First: SImple Minds - Glittering Prize (best of)
Last: Primitives - Best Of

First: Deacon Blue - Real Gone Kid
Last: Life Without Buildings - Any Other City (reissue)

First: Deacon Blue - when the world knows your name
Last: Independent 20 - the one with Lush, Moose, Mercury Rev

Wishplants and Blessed Ethel (Windsor Old Trout)
Explosions in the Sky (Hammersmith Apollo)

Brighton Festival 94
Glastonbury 19

CD you bought
First - All That You Can’t Leave Behind by U2
Last - Mike and Dave’s work history mix (Open Mike Eagle)

Vinyl you bought
First: Johnny Foreigner/Sunset Cinema Club, a split self titled 7"
Last: As Days Get Dark by Arab Strap

Cassette you bought
First: The Smurfs Go Pop! by The Smurfs
Last: The X and The O EP by Johnny Foreigner

Gig you went to
Firay: Faithless at the NIA, 2005
Last: DIIV at The Crossing, 2020

Festival you went to
First: Field Day, 2013
Last: Green Man, 2019

Quite the journey all started by The Smurfs in the 90s

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CD you bought
Hopes & Fears by Keane was first. Last one was two CDs I bought together, Stellular by Rose Elinor Dougall and Don’t Forget To friggin’ Remember by Puressence.

Vinyl you bought
Have and will never bought CD’s are perfectly fine

CD single you bough
Have and will never buy a single

Cassette you bought - Whatever my parents bought me as a child in the 90s don’t remember

Gig you went to
Keane gig

Festival you went to
Never been and have no desire to go I’d rather watch them on Youtube with air-conditioning.

A mixed batch coming up…


First - TTF (The Time Frequency) - Dominator - 1994. On Holiday in Swanage, just after finishing my GCSE’s
Last - Juga-Naut & Giallo Point - Smoke Filled Room - 2021

First - The Prodigy - Experience
Last - Drug Store Romeos - The World Within Our Bedrooms

First - Bros - Push
Last - Career Crooks - Thieving As Long As I’m Breathing


First - The Prodigy - No Good (Start The Dance)
Last - Baz Luhrman - Sunscreen. Charity shop find gifted to a friend, never liked it myself.

First - Bee Gees - You Win Again. The b-side Backtafunk is awesome.
Last - Bleach Lab - Old Ways. Probably my favourite song of the year so far.

First - Partners In Khryme - Turtle Power!
Last - Apollo440 - Krupa. I can’t even remember this song, nevermind buying it!

Live Music

First - The Lighthouse Family at The Royal Concert Hall, Nottingham 1996. I wish I could say someone made me attend this!
Last - The Twilight Sad at The Usher Hall, Edinburgh 30/11/19. From the ridiculous to the sublime, such an phenomenal performance from the Sad. When I do next go to a gig, it’s going to have to be pretty amazing to live up to this.

First - Dot To Dot Nottingham 2007
Last - Rockaway Beach, Bognor 2016. St Et for me, Suede for @brightlight + any festival where you have a nice hotel room is a winner for me.

I did Readings 92, 93 and 94. All amazing - Reading used to be streets ahead of Glastonbury in the bands stakes…

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Got into them when they featured on a free cassette with either NME or Melody Maker with this boss cover version…

First - Pale Saints- The Comforts of Madness
Last - Sharon Van Etten - Epic Ten

Vinyl album
First - Blondie - Parallel Lines
Last - Aretha Franklin - Oh Me Oh My - Live in Philly 1972 (this afternoon)

CD Single
If I ever bought a CD single I’ve forgotten about it

I can’t remember buying many pre-recorded cassettes. I had Perhaps by The Associates on cassette for some reason. Certainly haven’t bought one since CDs arrived. Dreadful format.

First - Misty in Roots at the Lyceum (c1986?)
Last - Low at the Brudenell in Leeds on the Double Negative tour

First - Reading in 1992 (the Nirvana one)
Last - Reading in 2011

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Are you sure it wasn’t The Smurfs?

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Bright Eyes by Art Garfunkel was my first single, if that helps.

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I was a Godflesh and Prong fan and then Ted Parsons got chucked out of Prong and joined GF, and then Raven (god rest his soul) and before that Murder Inc… there was a moment when I was 19 that every band I liked all seemed to know each other…. Awwww

First - New Order - “Substance (1987)”
Last - “Shake The Foundations (Militant Funk and the Post-Punk Dancefloor 1978-1984)”

Vinyl album
First - ABC - “Lexicon of Love”
Last - Bob - “Berlin Independence Days”

CD Single
First - Prefab Sprout - “Cars and Girls”
Last - Posh - “Rough Lover” (for a quid off Discogs earlier in the year after belatedly “discovering” them on “Super Sonics - 40 Junkshop Britpop Greats”)

First - Probably Half Man Half Biscuit - “Back In The DHSS” to get the extra track
Last - The Chills - “Kaleidoscope World” (after misreading the eBay listing and thinking I was buying a CD!)

First - China Crisis (Leicester in 1985)
Last - Ladytron (Edinburgh in March 2020)

First - Reading (1990)
Last - Indietracks (2019)

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CD Bought:
First: Pixies - Doolittle
Last: Can’t really remember but it was probably Bad Brains self-titled

Vinyl Album
First: Joy Division - Closer AND Johnny Cash - Silver
Last: That recent Soul Jazz modern post-punk compilation

CD Single
First: It was a Westlife single but I can’t remember which one
Last: I haven’t bought a CD single since I was about 7, so probably the Westlife one

First: Jon K’s Loukanikos’ Dance mixtape
Last: Andy Mac’s First, Last and Sennen Tape

First: Embrace (Westonbirt Arbouretum, I think in 2005)
Last: It was a rave at Cafe No.5 in Bristol hosted by my friend & DJ/producer McGregor, November 2019

First: Glastonbury 2007
Last: Shambala, 2019

that’s a brilliant run - would have loved to do 92 and 93 - but alas was a shade too young…mainly nowadays I want to be a bit younger but according to my tastes I’d have been better off being a few years older to have seen some of those seminal gigs and festival line ups.

Yes I agree - for quality and depth of line up I think Reading beat Glastonbury hands comfortably for a few years there…

Great first cd in my books - very discerning!

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