First came the monkey Christ restoration, now St George has been restored into a bit of a gormless idiot


It’s not that bad really, in comparison.


Strong Steve Buscemi vibes.


I’d go as far as to say they’ve done a cracking job.


One of the stronger tracks on Mogwai’s seventh album.


Don’t see what the issue is, all those classical sculptures used to be painted and looked fairly ridiculous by modern standards:

(I know this isn’t a classical statue, but the same is true for medieval art)


Do you reckon the mayor of Estella secretly wanted it to be worse so he could get that sweet, sweet tourist bunce into his city?


Done a really good job on the helmet visor imho


Probably really pissed off he’s got a period-accurate recreation and not some monstrosity. I SAID GIVE ME MONKEY JESUS GODDAMIT


Nice bit of highlighting with Fortress Grey, if I’m not mistaken.


i think it looks pretty good


Also this: An attempt to freshen up the 16th-century polychrome statue has left St George with a rosy pink face and a bold, red-and-grey suit of armour.

Most suits of armour are grey, no?



still lose it whenever i see this. it’s so brilliant.


I actually noted this down as a potential future track name


Could easily neck a few Estrella right now.



Wait til this hits The Daily Express



It looks like a stop motion character from a kids TV show but I would argue the original was already quite silly looking anyway