First couple of Beirut albums are still really great

Jeremy Barnes was in Beirut (band) as well too.

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Great band


They always seemed to get a fairly lukewarm critical reception from Pitchfork etc but nonetheless sustained a really respectable popular following and sense of goodwill towards them. I imagine they still get decent festival crowds

Headscratcher stella at no point offered like a billion dollars to use sunday smile or something.



Just remembered when Blonde covered it.

They uh, they needn’t have.

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Used to love the bit at 1:17 in After the Curtain

Gallipoli was a hugely underrated album imo and soundtracked quite a turbulent time in my life, to put it mildly.

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Agreed. I was really baffled by the lukewarm reception to Gallipoli at the time because I felt like it was a real return to form for the band. Varieties of Exile, I Giardini and Corfu especially are really gorgeous tracks.

Also, if I ever go hiking through mountains and villages along the Peloponnese coast, this is definitely the album I’m listening to along the way.

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this is the B side to possibly my all time favourite song

The algorithm decided I definitely want more Beirut every time I open youtube, so it’s become apparent they actually have a new single out and presumably a record soon. It’s not bad actually.

Yeah, new album 10th November. Named after somewhere with a cool flag

Yeah the first two records are still magic and so transportative to that particular time for me as well.

I feel like Elephant Gun maybe the purest distillation of Beirut but I’d like to throw the ‘March of the Zapotec’ EP out there as probably his best orchestrations.