First Dance Songs



Primarily aimed at married/to-be-married members of DiS I guess. I’m getting married in 2018, and below is the current list of my frontrunners for our first dance song. What have you other lovely people gone for?

Caramel - John Grant
Switching Off - Elbow
I Need My Girl - The National
To Be Alone with you - Sufjan Stevens


We found this really hard to choose but ended up with this


Didn’t have a first dance, but I walked down the aisle to First Day of my Life by Bright Eyes, which I think is quite a common indie wedding choice.


Got married last month. We had Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space for walking down the aisle and Whole of the Moon as our first dance.


We had:

Sigur Ros - Staralfur (entrance of the bride)
Flaming Lips - Do You Realize??? (processional)
Beach Boys - God Only Knows (first dance)

We had a few comments about Do You Realize??? because of the line “everyone you know someday will die”… little did they listen to the next line.


Not even on marriedbook but we’ve agreed if we ever do it’ll be ‘sometimes I’d like to kill her’ by Terrorvision.


Last wedding I went to went for

Cried like a bloody baby



Birdhouse in Your Soul (they might be giants).

Register-signing soundtrack included For What is Chatteris? (HMHB)


Incidentally, we didn’t bother hiring a DJ or band for the reception and just put on a carefully crafted playlist after dinner, which saved us a heap of money.

Started off with some stuff the older guests would enjoy too like Elvis, Little Richard, the Doors, then gradually led into Bowie, Talking Heads, Queen, then moved onto Pulp, Ash, Daft Punk until it got to about 10pm and we had The Knife, Public Enemy and Pixies, ending with a load of in-jokes for our friendship groups. It was a lot of effort but it worked really well and I’d recommend it especially if you’re on a budget.


As much as a great song Switching Off is, isn’t it a song about an old man at deaths door?


Napalm Death - You Suffer



Entrance music for the bridal party: The Decemberists - June Hymn (performed by my wife’s friend and her partner)
Exit music (for a ceremony): Tegan & Sara - Love They Say
First dance: Elbow - Mirrorball
Last dance: Westlife - Flying Without Wings


Do I even need to link to it?


Yeah but I think the sentiment works.


we had a string quartet who played loads of good shit like spiritualized, belle and sebastian and the “legend of zelda theme” at the drinks reception

first dance was - carly simon "nobody does it better"
left the chapel to - beach boys “god only knows”


I’d skip the Sufjan jesus ones personally.

I’d like Nina Simone - My Baby Just Cares for Me. Got enough of a swing to it to attempt to dance to too.


Yeah I was going to say that To Be Alone is pretty much unavoidably about Jesus and his death… Futile Devices would be a nice choice for entrance of the bride, I think. Or Impossible Soul (and just keep the guests waiting 15 minutes til the “it’s a long life” bit kicks in :grin:)


I used some Futile Devices lyrics in my speech. Adore that song.