First disser you met


In a spin off from the work thread, tell us about the first disser you met. If you haven’t met anyone, feel free to pick someone you’d like to meat and hypothesise about how that would go.

My first disser was @Witches - we drank cocktails and gossiped about DiS. The actually moment of meating felt like a blind date, but she was lovely.


I don’t remember which bog-dweller was closest to the entrance to the Portland.


I think it was @bobbygeorge because he met me off the train at the first meet I went to.

And, I should add, he was very nice and very friendly and made me comfortable that I wasn’t being lured into a murdering.


first was @UnicornPorn, as you’d expect we got absolutely shit-faced


Pick one and say nice things


@grouchland and @Tilly, and then about 10 minutes later @guntrip.

I was 19 and a fucking idiot, I did a racism, I talked bollocks and I’ve not met a DiSser since out of sheer shame.


@sheeldz maybe?

met a bunch on the same night


Mine was @sadpunk

(No it wasn’t, I’ve never met Sadpunk (unfortunately). I have no idea who it was but it would have been around about 2008 or early 2009. Maybe Moousee but more likely rocknrollmassacre or someone like that)


First was @he_2


Literally don’t remember you being anything other than a GBOL


It might have been @colon_closed_bracket, who was reassuringly tall.


This is all true.


Got a lot of love for @plasticniki, @ericV and that awful man @AphexTwinkletoes who were all waiting in the pub when I arrived at my first DiS meat. Then @1101010 turned up later on with an enormous hole punch.


@meowington at Sufjan Stevens


Was a good night, that


Thanks, I definitely upset your friend with something I said though, don’t even remember what it was but it was definitely off-colour. I was still reading Jeremy Clarkson and Tucker Max books back then so y’know.

Anyway, I’ll get a chance to inflict 11 years of shame on myself again at the XMas drinks :smiley:


it was either @guntrip or @creakyknees in a toilet at Zonino 2. I think i met @bobbygrindrod that night too and a few others. I remember seeing @mouldycherryx walking past with @stealthy and some other people, but didn’t meet her until a week later.


no idea


Loads of GBOL at Truck. I’ll scan all my Polaroids in later. We all be vrey durnk and all nneded we.


How come she doesn’t post anymore, she was fun.