First disser you met


not again :frowning:


Not weird at all!!

I need to make more of an effort but I get so nervous and shy sometimes!


When are they? :slight_smile:


Yeah, during American Football I think. Even at a glasses and beards festival you’re an easy man to spot.




Do it!


I feel like there’s definitely more people I’ve had drunken conversations with. Also I know some people have new usernames but I’m never sure.


:smiley: you definitely spotted moousee at the same time then, we had a right old sad on together watching them


I will see how I feel cause my work xmas do is on the 20th!

Put me down as “tentative”


well I met occasional low-key DiSer @pichaelmarker through the Hope of the States board (that’s how me and @Flashinglight met, like… maybe TWELVE years ago?! maybe slightly more! ).

first DiSer I hadn’t already met elsewhere… @ricey? probably has no memory of me, but me and @pichaelmarker and a few of our friends were at either ATP The Fans Strike Back or another ATP, and there was supposed to be a DiS meat, and he was one of the DiSers I briefly spoke to.

first DiSer as a DiSer? hmmmm… that would be one of the MME, but I can’t think which one. it might have been a bunch of them all at once? @Scout, @deadonthestairs, @moousee, @wilykit, @cat_race… not sure if @andyvine was there? met them all in Trof, it was nice. cat race drove us all back to Withington and wilykit had to go in the boot because there was no more room in the car.

most recent new DiSer meeting? ya boy @bergkamp, who is a GBOL.


also definitely met some of these but no idea what some folks’ usernames are


apologies to those I’ve met but forgotten username/people I think I’ve met but actually haven’t


definitely a few in there that I’m like ‘I think so?’ or that I’m sure I did but am misremembering or not convinced.


I thought the same and nearly ticked them but chickened out and just stuck with the ones I’m certain of.


i was, so was @mildmanneredjanitor as well i think


I’ll take that!


I stood in a room at a zonino with a bunch of dis people but I don’t think I met/spoke to the majority.
I remember somebody looking incredible so I’d assumed it was pip


Was I?

Man, I used to drink a lot. I don’t remember anything.


I know how much you love The Simpsons.


defo, middle floor of trof, sat around in the window bit. dont think i stayed long