First disser you met


Oh shit. Can’t even remember the last DiS thing I went to. I guess the meal in London ages ago? Sometime like February, yikes.

@Flashinglight was definitely one of them. Apologies if I’ve forgotten anyone.


Just generally fucking hopeless at reading tbh.


@ltlht didn’t even realise he was a disser. GBOL.


First was (unknowingly) @Severed799 at Bjork. Then the day after :grimacing:


good old @infinite_jest - a man with peerless music taste.
CG at a pissed jeans gig (nice guy etc…)

When on a blind date with a girl who turned out to be Mick_Squalor’s band manager.

Is The_Bread_Museum still about?


most recent was maybe @keith ? passed him on the way to work

most recent that i met for the first time… not sure. maybe @laika


Most recent was @ghostpony - gbol


Both my first and my most recent - @rich-t and @marckee briefly before a Yo La Tengo gig.


CLAM was back posting on here a few months ago under a different username and I’ve completely forgotten what it was.




Me and scout met you at Primavera in either 2009 or 2010?


First: Went to a Radio Dept gig with @imaperv last year.

Most recent: Had a pint with @colossalhorse last weekend.


I think I’ve met a load of you but I’m not really sure. Definitely Sean, Colin, Mike Diver back in the day. Have definitely met @guntrip as have played a Smalltown America gig with my old band (I think). Have met Smashing Pumpkins
Megafan @ttf a few times and @plasticniki & @plasticmike more recently (all three are legends). Did think I’d given @marckee a lift once but he says it wasn’t him (feel like he should apologise for the rebuke really…)


Was in a room with lots recently but didn’t introduce myself to everyone so dont know

Some recent ones iclude malick and severed 799 both lovely


I think the very first diser might have been nice squirrel when we randomly worked together but didn’t realise until we were chatting one day.

And I think the last proper big DiS meet I went to was that one near euston sometime in 2017 :frowning: That’s far too long.


Saw @ynot from a far at a gig the other day but didn’t get to say hi!


Same, and same.


@bergkamp, at the DiS FC 10th anniversary game the other day


@nestor swapped Brudenell tickets for Sharon Van Etten(I think?) In Leeds Train Station, then went our separate ways.


I can’t remember her username now. Maybe @nestor knows?