First disser you met


Four hours on a train for that meat and don’t even get in the main mention.

(Think I went to Bundobust for food tbh)


Oh hang on, I got this wrong. Most recent is @malick at a GAS gig. Seemed like a GBOL.


None in this incarnation, or indeed since I’ve been posting at all, but I think @mildmanneredjanitor and I met briefly in Al Falafels once and discussed putting on club nights at our respective universities. Would have been 2005ish.


Then none for years then met…

@japes @TrainBoy @Lo-Pan @casinobay @imaperv @keith one fateful night in Sleazys.

Then lovely @Witches


Oh god that was the WORST.

Not the bands - Terrodactyls‘ label dropped the ball on releasing and promoting the record and like 3 people showed up (thanks for being one of them). Lost a couple of hundred quid on that one.


only ever met one and that was @incandenza and i was going into a gig and he said you’re stickboy off the internet and i didnt know what to do so i spoke for a few seconds then carried on


Never got back to you after our jam because I was embarrassed by my lack of ability to jam


Bro you are a far superior guitarist to me. Basically Iha-level


First Current Disser, think I met @roastthemonaspit at a thanksgiving gig at cafe oto.

First Former disser Jamie summers, at full pegs, at a dinosaur hr gig at the LA2


That is a hot take


Love the idea of Dinosaur HR


Met loads of old school Dissers back in the day (at Windmill gigs, ATP etc.), most recently had the pleasure of meeting a lot of the Scottish crew who are great :+1:


i met @dingaling when I was about 16, before either of us posted on the boards.


Sorry to hear that.


The first I met was @chintzylacroix when she opened the door to @UnicornPorn’s flat. Also met a load of others from the Glasgow Young Team that night.

Last one I met was probably @laika.


Has laika always been your username?


i haven’t knowingly met anyone off here, although I’ve definitely been to the same gig as @ynot before as I remember talking about it on the Football Manager forums years ago

should probably change that one of these days


First bunch was at an autumn 2016 meat in Islington. Think someone took a photo of their pint and posted it, so I showed that around until someone said yes, that’s my pint - think it was @AphexTwinkletoes, so he’d be the very first. Also there were @plasticniki, @wewerewerewolvesonce, @foppyish, @Ruffers, silky and a few others. Went for a drink after with @wewerewerewolvesonce, @Ruffers and silky (the Lexington?) but think Ruffers got chucked out somehow!

Most recently, saw a great bunch for the dinner in August - always trying to meet new dissers, and collect you like Pokémon. Got a @roastthemonaspit and a shiny @dingaling that time!


Who were you on the FM forums?


Nope, but I very rarely posted under my old username anyway. Was just friends with a lot of dissers.