First disser you met


Omg a Pokédex for DiSsers would be everything.

Who’s the Pidgey of the boards?? Who’s a shiny?? Who is a legendary (rarely spotted but immense)??


the incredibly imaginatively named nickygreenan


And I’ll fall asleep in a pub again if I have to!

Always love meeting DiSers, such a great bunch. Can’t wait to see a crew at Primavera next year and I’ll try and get over for a London Meat in 2019!

(Will also be in Newcastle in May but I’ve no idea if any DiSers live there.)


sticker album would be ace too I reckon


No doubt my one and only pint given my notoriously low staying power :grinning:


I met @littlebirds this year! Top, top bloke!


Our chat was the high point of that truly bizarre gig


Oh I remember you. I remember sebs being tbe main music thread poster there.

The Los Campesinos! Thread when Gareth posted about his new band people might want to listen to was pretty fun.


I think I would be a shiny Cloister

Started off my DiS career in my shell (Sheller) but have now evolved into a powerful spiky creature that is symbolic of a fanny.


Yeah, it’s a shame Adrian Orange never really came back from that


I’m that shit bat that everyone’s got a million of on Pokémon Go


Do next time.


I’m a Palace fan too by the way!


There was a couple pals I know who used to post but outside of DiS, so I think it might be when I sold @blind_pilot a load of CDs i Glasgow? (Get well soon buddy!)


think most of my DiS meeting occurred in 2012 so the first must have been @JaguarPirate at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2011. had a couple of pints in the Pleasance Courtyard. i had felt a bit awkward about meeting an internet person cos i had an irl friend with me, but once the conversation turned to guitars it was all ok.


forgot about sebs, he was a gbol. met him a couple of times as my sister went to uni with him, which was a weird coincidence. wonder if he still loves Muse.


Think thats @Antpocalypsenow :smiley:


This was my first meat too I think. Although I’m pretty sure that I saw a couple of dissers previous to that.


you are one of my shinies


Thanks man, I’m trying to strengthen my bones up by drinking lots of… malk?!

Think the first person from DiS I met was either yourself or @fitzcarraldo, though I didn’t know Fitz was a disser until a good while after we’d met.