First disser you met


not sure what that means, but it sounds good




I think the last new Disser I met was @meowington when we went for a burrito :slightly_smiling_face:


imaperv used Bell Smash!
It’s super effectAbandon Reply


I’m too shy to go to meats now :unamused:


@Kallgeese is the top bloke here. Got me in to the sold out Spiritualized with gospel choir and orchestra show at Primavera and is an all round great egg. :raised_hands:


What?! You’re a joy, I hope you start feeling less shy soon.

I remember being like ‘hi, I’m [real name]’ and you were like ‘nah, you’re jezza’ :joy:


Some of the former Newcastle ones
Dicko and @Tilly and @svenrokk and icwar maybe
I was 18 and really shy and it was freshers week so was probably smashed


^^this @meowington

given we work so close I would LOVE to see your face more


come to the christmas drinks @meowington I wanna meet you!


sorry if this is weird


I wish she’d come back and post again, although I guess I could just drop her a message

not one for ranking DiSers I’ve met and befriended, but she’s probably top 3


i can’t even remember how you rumbled me…

have you broken something again?!


remember the harry potter jokes


Pasty indie band-member wearing retro football tops in Glasgow… it was probably just a hunch.

And yeah, fractured a bone in my arm playing fives last night. Even I’m incredulous.


Solid line up that, if you’re trying to self destruct with drugs and alcohol

Although it wasn’t @epimer, though nonononononorobots was there

Good night, too.


So it was :grinning:


And yeah, absolute solid line up :+1:


Err @boxtoboxelder but that was cos we worked in a bar together well before we went on here


:smiley: .