First disser you met


definitely a few in there that I’m like ‘I think so?’ or that I’m sure I did but am misremembering or not convinced.


I thought the same and nearly ticked them but chickened out and just stuck with the ones I’m certain of.


i was, so was @mildmanneredjanitor as well i think


I’ll take that!


I stood in a room at a zonino with a bunch of dis people but I don’t think I met/spoke to the majority.
I remember somebody looking incredible so I’d assumed it was pip


Was I?

Man, I used to drink a lot. I don’t remember anything.


I know how much you love The Simpsons.


defo, middle floor of trof, sat around in the window bit. dont think i stayed long


Have absolutely no memory of this whatsoever.


typical MME AGM, nothing of note decided for the year ahead


Really not sure but have a feeling it might have been @atbay and @walks005


I used to go see HOTS loads and was at about 7 ATPs so we have undoubtedly been in the same place several times


I refused to like this post but want you to know that I have acknowledged it


@aggpass, invited him to play 5 a side in Sheffield. Exactly the GBOL you’d imagine.


:thinking: I remember helping up set up a club night but can’t remember much past that I’m afraid!

(I do remember Al Falafels though. Vividly.)


:grinning: duly noted.




I thought you were!

oh snap, Verbal was there too? wow, he was and all.

HUGE star power in that corner of Trof. safety glass everywhere.


Iirc it was snowing and I was rusty as fuck


yeah you were! we were all in the corner. proper MME meat, that.