First disser you met


ahaha, probably!

did you post on the board? have you met anyone else who did?


2011 was the lifetime peak of my depression so I apologise if I was awful or the most drunk person in the world.


i’m not sure who i first spoke to, but i went to the crown and kettle in 2014 and met DD, Incandenza, Tilly, Tilly’s BF, DeadontheStairs and a couple of other folk.

After that I met Incandenza and Matt was Taken a bunch of times in town for drinks, which was always a pleasure.

Also bumped into AndyVine once and said ‘you’re AndyVine’ or something stupid at him.


Nope and nope :grinning: And I realised after I replied that there are probably 50 people on here who went to lots of ATPs and HOTS shows :grinning:


which gig was this, re: Viney? I’ve been to some gigs with him, maybe you stood near me too


Oh you didn’t even say it was 2011. Well sorry anyway :blush:


Ive stood near dots several times and been too shy to say anything.
even walked past him and made eye contact recently


Also I saw @imaperv at a Tonbridge Angels v Whyteleafe game. But she was with people and it would have been incredibly awkward for me to say hello.

I narrowly missed fighting with @weeber over the last box of wanky beers in a shop in Tunbridge Wells.


can anybody remember who else was there?

i remember another couple of lads


you were totally great, one of the best ones :slight_smile:

trying to remember if you came back to cr and moousee’s place. things were blurry at that point.

(other DiSers should know that this flat was that flat, the one cat race threw a thing over and ran around the other side and caught it)


the one where I was gonna say hi was at soup kitchen this year but I’m not sure who. think I saw him at night and day once but that was ages ago.

@shrewbie I’ve seen dots a bunch of times too actually but didn’t want to seem weird. he gets around/is very recognisable.


Deffo in the new once I’m back. When does Back-a-yard start serving at the Admiral?


you’re very elusive, then!

DiS megastar @jordan_229 was apparently on the HoTs board, maybe you can claim him too


Were these not two different nights? Middle floor Trof NQ and the wilykit boot fiasco?


same night!


In Utrecht? I remember this happening and was maybe 60% sure it was you but thought if it was you would have said hi because you definitely know what I look like but I am not sure what you look like.

Was I walking towards the stairs up to Pandora from the Rhonda foyer in Tivoli Vredenberg?


No way!


oh think it was the longcut


Ah, you should say hi next time! I have no idea what you look like so sorry if I haven’t noticed you around


Yeah i wanted to say hi but i got anxious and then hated myself afterwards :frowning_face: sorry