First disser you met


Significantly less bad a break than the last one at least!


Ah, that’s okay! Now my knowledge of what you look like is probably 95% so unless you change appearance drastically in the next 11 months then my god am I going to say hi to you next year


cool, I will (if I have had exactly the right amount of booze to make me confident talking to people)


Was it Okkervil River at Night and Day (c. 2005)?

Fucking 13 years.

I have met no DiSers as DiSers. Just people from other forums who happen to be DiSers. Sure the rest of you are lovely though, too.


can’t believe she’s gone again
so elusive


Oh I was with my brother/dad/brother’s friend I think. should’ve said hi!


the absolute best time to do it


Juke, Maosm and Shrewbie are top of my DiSers to meet



i THINK you’ll find that night was @pretty_vacant and mine

that was so super fun though, i still remember the special “watch out wilson” that foley drew for the night

also that night with @TheWza etc was in glasgow, pretty sure we went to sleazy’s


pretty sure I’m going the dis state gig anyway so I’ll say hello to people then


Met @lo-pan very briefly when I was handing over tickets to a Factory Floor gig, because I was going to my work Christmas night out at Kelvingrove museum instead (because of the free booze). In hindsight this was a terrible decision because (a) it was a works night out, and (b) I got turbodrunk, the night descended into farce, at one point I started arguing with sound engineer for the band at the night out, and basically the situation deteriorated to the point that I’ve only recently started attending Christmas nights out again (next Friday is this year’s).

Very little of that can be blamed on @lo-pan


Woah hi


i’ve not met any new ones in about 3 years


ive definitely missed some off here coz i cant remember the usernames of the people i met in stinking london


Hahaha I’m happy to take a portion of the blame :grinning:


i think thats exactly what you said. it was carefully planned weekend so i was probably running to a pub to pick up an amp for another pub


think i was there too actually, v briefly


I wish I’d met more of you :frowning:


trying to think when ive been to soup this year. longcut maybe? you should have said hi, i was on my own anyway!


was a bit starstruck probably