First disser you met


We don’t remember you either.


First one I met was @japes who was sitting with @UnicornPorn (absolutely pished!!), @keith and @TrainBoy (maybe???).

This was well before the days of Friday selfies so I had no idea what any of them looked like when I turned up at Stereo in Glasgow. I ended up sitting at various empty tables in the place trying to earwig into conversations at other tables trying to hear some recognisable Dis-isms. Sat there listening for over an hour.
Ended up walking over to @japes and asking something like “This might sound weird, but do you know someone called Evil Sean Adams?”

Last newbie I met was @laika , but only for a minute or 2 cos I had to dash off.


i remember everyone! just only about half the usernames


Just remembered I think I saw @Aggpass at a Hotelier gig in Leeds last year but was too new and shy to ask if he was from the internet. Also met @blobcow at another Hotelier gig in Manchester when I sold him a ticket.

The Hotelier.




Brudenell or the more recent one (can’t remember the venue, wardrobe?)




it was :scream:

or did we not meet before at Sigur Ros @ The Lowry? same year, tho…


do you know joe kelly? he used to help out with carefully planned.


omg @ricey

shared an apartment with him and others at primavera 2010 (?). arrived in barcelona in the middle of the night to discover he’d lost his phone and it had been handed in to the police. i had no other way of getting in touch with him and didn’t know where the apartment was, so went to the police station, who drove me around in a police car for a while before dumping me in the lobby of a 5* hotel and telling me to wait until the uk apartment agency opened in the morning and then to call them to get the address. fell asleep in the lobby of this hotel, got woken up by the staff and called the apartment agency, who refused to give me the address of the apartment as it wasn’t booked under ricey’s name and i didn’t know any of the other people staying there. then my phone ran out of battery and i started to cry, so the hotel gave me a free hotel breakfast, a map of barcelona, and shooed me out on the street. wandered around for a while with all my stuff until i remembered another pal of mine was staying in a hostel in some area, so went to that area and asked random passers-by where a hostel was. eventually found it, went to reception and asked “is XYZ staying here? can you wake them up please?” thankfully they did and then somehow everything managed to get resolved, i actually don’t remember how though.

but @ricey is a GBOL and i just found the whole thing hilarious.


doesn’t ring a bell, no


He was the 6th(?) member of the team that joined us for the last one. Quiet lad with short ginger-ish hair. GBOL.


oh ok. dunno if i met him or not


yay you know him. i went to uni with him and then we both moved to manchester. figured he might know somebody on here


The only lad on here you don’t know


there he is!


He really is there!


This thread is making me want to meet more DiSers.

I’m probably going to be working in that London-town roughly about once every six weeks next year. Do any DiS LME work or live close to Old Street tube and fancy lunch with a slightly awkward stranger? (or friend, if we’ve already met)


met a handful of the manchester lot and I think @fappable and @barleysugar spied me in a Font in Fallowfield once


While you looked at my bike thinking “how’s he gonna do the 5 ferries in THAT??”