First disser you met


OMG there are some CLASSICS there. might go and have a look at them.


This is reminding me that the first time i met a diser (who wasnt the who went to my college and freaked me out by saying “hi (my mame” in a thread) was @OceanStorm , only we were at a beach house gig and i recognised him, but he was with his friends and i was with mine and didnt want to expose my secret online lifestyle so i didnt say anything




Yeah, but then I saw your legs and thought “ah, that’ll be how”

Edit - not that I was checking you out or that.

Edit - Dinner?


yes i work close ish

don’t wanna see you tho after toilet gate



Oh god, imagine if he asked to pop into your office to use the loo.


love that can of red stripe, what detail


Amazing scenes. Is there a Pearl Jam themed bar nearby we could go to?

The Foxymophandlemama & Crown?


oh my god imagine


I’ll have the Spin The Beef Circle burger with Given To Fries please!

Why doesn’t this exist!?


Met a couple before I knew they were DiSers, including the most handsome of all, fuckthisband.

The last one where I actually spoke to them was the lovely howtebealone.


Chronological order:


douchebag and yourself! that’s it!


First Fenino I went to (2010-ish?), I was fretting that I’d end up approaching the wrong table. As it happened (as is customary), the pub we’d agreed to meet in wasn’t open, so we had to meet in the spit-and-sawdust pub next door. It was very easy to spot the group from the internet :smiley:


Not least because we were the only ones there!!


Let’s think:


= @thewarn
(Feel like I’ve missed someone)

Then @Epimer and @hip_young_gunslinger and @JohnM

Then TBO

Then @plasticniki

Then @saps

Then @83746725

I’ve probably missed someone :frowning:


I remember when still here came up to me after a gig in Sound Control once and said “hi, I’m still here” and my first reaction was “yeah alright mate I’m still here too” before I realised what was happening


My brother (fucktherave), went to school with dailybumbler too.

I remember meeting probably some dissers at test icicles last gig, I wasn’t posting then but my brother was and he said he was meeting friends but they were clearly internet friends as I’d never heard of or seen them before. Dunno who it was, they actually said they were going to a Paramore gig at the same time. It wasn’t Sean though. Reveal yourself if that sounds like it was you - 2005? Maybe


I think there might have been some folk playing pool or lurched round the bar.


Oh! Ive met your brother