First disser you met


That i can recall i think it was probably @guntrip, though sold some records and things to people off the classifieds and probably met loads at gigs without realising


Aw yes. jacktherave! Top lad



Also remember meeting nestor at a Richard Dawson gig in Newcastle where I think the first thing I said to him (in a nice way with a smile) was “you’re a fucking prick” and think we then shook hands or maybe had a little hug which was quite funny. Think we both apologised for being idiot partisan football bellends for a long time on the boards.

icouldwinarabbit was also in attendance and apparently stood next to me through the whole gig but didn’t message me until after she’d left :cry:


Thread deffo made me add to the list of DiSers I’d want to do a meat with


Just discovered I’ve met @andyvine? Sorry Andy. I can actually picture your face tbf so it must have happened. I can’t picture any kind of movement or speaking though


Maybe I met your photograph


Hes always bleating on about the time he met thewarn


Are they the twins?


He was a good lad! Surprisingly tall.


Blown my mind that your brother’s fucktherave


yeah woah wtf(tr)


Only started posting on here cos he used to steal jokes and stuff from here


Has anyone else here got secret famous brothers


Or sisters. Or maybe a cousin


Oh boy.


Met wrightylews brother once. Was v exciting


Most certainly not.


Really? That’s funny


What did you have more of?

  • Bants
  • Shabs
  • Squirty Squirty

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