First disser you met


I was at a guided by voices tribute at the windmill too and I went for seconds at the BBQ and the man said “are you fucking kidding me” I think I stood silently near @DarwinBabe while my friends bounce around.


Post post post!!!


We can recreate that evening with @WizardLizard with beers all round just in a different city/venue with a different band. That band being the best of the pigs x 7.




was he dating a DiSer at some point? if he was maybe you half met him cos of that


just click here and you can see the thread from the old boards where i sacrificed myself on the altar of meme

that original picture is so gloriously ridiculous, i think @whiterussian’s opening line was entirely fair tbh


I just spoke to icanwinarabbit and then mentioned to someone else that I knew someone from the internet and they said ‘drownedinsound?’

Well done Sean you beautiful boy.


That thread will never not be funny


I’m talking about real life tonight 09/12/18. Just happened.


I think I was following ICWR for about a year on Twitter before I realised that’s who it was.


what are peoples ratios of dissers they’ve meet vs dissers they have seen at gigs and not said anything, reckon mine is about 1:10


Something very similar happened to a friend of mine (unless I actually witnessed it happening to you?!?. Windmill guy puts on the best bands, but he’s edgy at a BBQ. I have also attended those tributes so have been in the same room as you no doubt.


Never met anyone from here

Been in The Phoenix, Cavendish Square when I’m pretty sure a bunch of you were talking about going for someone’s club night.


I’ve also attended :+1:


The GBV nights were put on by dan_thw (bottom left in the football photo and also now colleague of antpocalypsenow)

It’s a small world.


Something Serious, the night run by LordLuciusBanter and Sarkyfox (plus others), probably, as that was downstairs on Friday nights.


i reckon dan_thw is a candidate for DiSer who’s met the most DiSers, just cos he’s been so active in the indie music scene for so long


Think I’ve met him when our bands played together once. Always wanted to go to one of his covers gigs but never made it to any. Does he not post on here anymore?



I went to a gig with @zapsta once and he made me talk to dan_thw even though he’d just asked me if I wanted to and I said no*

*no offense to dan_thw but I was extremely confident that he wouldn’t know who I was, and as zapsta didn’t actually introduce us, he still doesn’t.