First disser you met


No just a friend of Ben’s. Actually just found some videos I stuck up on youtube years ago.
It was at the Wilimington Arms in 2009. Superman Revenge Squad, The Booby Mcgees, and The Terrodactyls. Was that one of your gigs?

I can link you the videos if you want to reminisce.




Clearly a lie as everyone always thought it was Roast The Mona Spit


Icouldwinnarabbit - top lad :+1:


Yet, username


Wonder if I have ever been someone’s first meet


Wonder if I have ever been someone’s first meat


Met @1101010 years ago pre me joining DiS thanks to band stuff.

First actual conscious DiS-meat was earlier this year with renowned good lad @AphexTwinkletoes, which is pretty appropriate considering we’d already formed a record label and put out several releases by that point. @Gert joined us shortly afterwards and was also a total GBOL.


really miss icouldwinarabbit


Can’t be bothered starting a new thread but who is everyone’s most recent new user meat?

Mine was @allnerve

(Absolute GBOL)


Most recent is @colinzealuk about an hour ago.

Fam aside, @plasticniki in September and before that @plasticniki and @plasticmike, also in September


I think it was @plasticniki at a DiS Wethercrawl in 2014. Not entirely sure who else was there as I was in my social anxiety phase and was quite shy.

Did go to a Sean talk about music publishing in Shoreditch in 2012, just after I’d done work experience at NME, but didn’t speak to anyone as I was a mere lurker back then and even more shy and awkward than 2 years later. Was too awkward to even get one of the free Rekorderligs (and I fucking love Rekorderlig).

Keep meaning to try and sort out a DiS girls meat but am nervous in case any boys try to crash the party.


You met him for the first time an hour ago?


@Tuna at the most recent BW meat


Although we’ve met a couple of times in the past, @he_2 is a very forgetful person.


her and @crashinglikeamouse are the two people I miss most I think


@tuna on the tuba!


Heh. Not the most inviting of locations, eh?

Went to a club night when it was just starting up* and the cab driver started getting twitchy about going any further down the street to it and basically bottled it, and dumped us before getting there.

* might not have been a fully legit venue at that point - they were doing a thing where you had to buy tokens to be able to get drinks.


Oh wait - I thought you meant most recent generally.

Silly me.

Most recent first timers would have been the lads in January playing DiS Football, I think.


@Tuna and @DarwinBabe at the same bike wanker/south east London meat