First EOTR acts to be announced soon

They’ve also began posting clues on Instagram

The most convincing guesses so far are Pixies, Sigur Ros and Fleet Foxes.

An EOTR 2017 playlist should be updated accordingly too. Excited for this, especially given the pants Green Man announcement.

The National, St Vincent and Mew please.

Fleet Foxes seem a safe bet.

Yeah…and I think a few would call it a “safe” booking in a bad way too. Personally I’d be chuffed with that.

Definitely foxygen from the other clue. Find them boring as hell. Can’t be headliners, can they?

I reckon they booked bon Iver…but had to backtrack given the European tour cancellation. Which would explain the slightly later announcement than usual.

Yeah I reckon that Bon Iver chat is right.

My guess was Bon Iver, Magnetic Fields and Caribou. Lower down Wolf Parade, Built to Spill, Cloud Nothings. Not totally ruling out the Interpol thing.

Hope it isn’t Mogwai as have turned on them.

I bet ALL of this is wrong.

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Ooh a wolf parade garden stage headline slot? Same for Cloud Nothings.

Lot’s of people guessing parquet courts for the latest installation clue (unfortunately don’t think Antlers will play). Might encourage me to give them a go finally

I personally think this is a really strong first announcement


Plenty for me to work with here - like tons. Delighted.

What are we calling the headliners there? FJM for sure - who else?

I’m not sure, do you reckon they’ve announced them all. FJM plus…Mac DeMarco? Lucinda Williams? I think J & M chain would be good but they’re too far down the bill.

Please not Band of Horses

Loads of good stuff; FJM, Parquet Courts, J & M Chain, Ty Segall, Car Seat Headrest, Julie Byrne, Perfume Genius, Real Estate :slight_smile:

This is a really nice mix of bands I like, from folky to noisey to bands I ought to like but haven’t really tried with, to bands I like but can’t ever be bothered to pay £30 to see on their own (hi JAMC).

Very happy.

Massive shout out for Girl Band too. Nice to know which band I am planning on getting drunkest for, already.

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Yeah might have to go to this

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Jesus and Mary Chain

Ultimate Painting further down the bill there. They sound perfect live - as in, not a note out of place, beautifully mixed, but still willing to let their songs sprawl.

Really strong line up but struggling for headliners.

FJM is an electric performer and can definitely make the step up. I like Mac Demarco as much as the next guy but that would be a snoozer of a headline set. And Band of Horses have like one good song off their debut album over a decade ago.

Pfft, they have, like, 50 great songs. They were amazing at Glastonbury last year.

According to a few people on Facebook…two are headliners, most likely fjm and mdm.