First EOTR acts to be announced soon


Surfing Magazines are a band containing Jonny and David from the Wave Pictures. Just been on Marc Riley’s show and sound good. Gonna have to make sure I get there in time for that (as well as the rest. (Although I saw Slowdive last year and wasn’t greatly fussed by the experience).


I can’t comment on the Surfing Magazines or live experience…but the Wave Pictures are one of the most MOR bands still going. It’s difficult to get too enthused on a Thursday…so I’ll just slowly psych myself for Slowdive (incidentally, that’s the first poor live review I’ve heard about them).


Tell me about JC Satan please.



French garage/punk band. Last self-titled album is as good a place as any to start, but probably prefer Hell Death Samba.


Thanks, count me in.


Some more news

Du Blonde has been added to the line up [Saw her in 2015 thought she was really good, so thumbs up]

Cinema has been relocated will be themed after Twin Peaks [which will be showing] and the old cinema is going to be an art exhibit

“For the first time at End of the Road, we’re very pleased to announce House Rules; an exhibition of work by visual artists, Dan Jamieson and Babak Ganjei, presented by BROTH art.
Taking place in the New Pavillion, our old Cinema Stage, House Rules invites you into a pop-up living room and a world that blurs the lines between real-life and fantasy. Make sure you catch Jamieson and Ganjei’s award-winning artwork at End Of The Road Festival.”


Du Blonde was amazing 2015. Bought her album as soon as I got home.


Yeah, no offence to Gabriella Cohen, but Du Blonde is certainly an upgrade


Can those of us certain to go make a top 10 (or top-whatever-you-like) of artists we want to see?

  1. Bill Callahan
  2. Moses Sumney
  3. Slowdive
  4. Car Seat Headrest (would be higher if their live reputation was better)
  5. Father John Misty
  6. Julie Byrne
  7. Perfume Genius
  8. Pond
  9. Parquet Courts
  10. Alvvays

  1. Father John Misty
  2. Girl Band
  3. Bo Ningen
  4. Jens Lekman
  5. Perfume Genius
  6. Stained HTMLD
  7. Julie Byrne
  8. Girl Band
  9. Amadou & Mariam
  10. Du Blonde

THIS WAS REALLY HARD! This line up is stacked and I’ve had to leave off a lot of bands I love. Jens Lekman buddy you better not clash with anything amaziing because you’ve consistently been one of the best live acts I’ve ever seen. But despite this he’s still in my top 4 O.o


Girl Band aren’t there anymore I’m afraid…especially not twice.

You’d have to miss most of Real Estate to catch Jens Lekman…which might not bother you, but it wouldn’t please me



oh :frowning:


My list:

  1. Jens Lekman
  2. Let’s Eat Grandma
  3. Aldous Harding
  4. Perfume Genius
  5. Amanda Bergman
  6. Bill Callahan
  7. Gulp
  8. Nadine Shah
  9. Sinkane
  10. Marika Hackman

I’ve seen Jens ten times, and will be seeing him in the week before eotr, but he’s still my must-see, who I will watch no matter what other clashes. Not actually had a look at what clashes yet, but have been listening through the bands and rating them in preparation!


Just got tickets for this.

It’s my first ever EOTR and I’ve dreamt (lol) of going for a long time, so I’m obviously very excited but in some ways unsure what to expect.

Sunday is already causing me anxiety over clashes.

  1. Slowdive
  2. Bill Callahan
  3. Perfume Genius
  4. Bo Ningen
  5. Julie Byrne
  6. Japandroids
  7. Kelly Lee Owens
  8. Waxahatchee
  9. Car Seat Headrest
  10. Father John Misty


In no order:

Kelly Lee Owens
Blanck Mass
Aldous Harding
Bill/JAMC (big decision to be made here, seen Bill this year, not seen JAMC since Munki, but Bill is tha MAN!)
Car Seat Headrest
Julie Byrn


Don’t be unsure… it’s such a welcoming but exciting atmosphere. Seems you have a similar taste to me, also :slight_smile:


Top 10s are a good idea, good to see what others recommend.

Here’s 5 I haven’t seen before that I’m particularly looking forward to seeing:

Aldous Harding (although I’m seeing her the week before at Sea Change fest)
Car Seat
Julie Byrne
Surfing Magazines
JC Satan

And here’s 5 that I have seen before but I’ll definitely be watching again.

Bill Callahan
Ty Seagall
King Khan
The Erased Tapes stuff


This is what I’ve heard! Equally excited for the food to be honest.

What’s this about CSH’s live reputation by the way? I’ve only recently got into them.


Top ten in no particular order.

  1. Ty Segall
  2. Omni
  3. Parquet Courts
  4. King Khan & The Shrines
  5. Mac Demarco
  6. Duds
  7. Perfume Genius
  8. Waxahatchee
  9. Slowdive
  10. Jesus & Mary Chain

Few clashes on there and will have to make a decision on the day… Sunday especially is a nightmare. That only really scratches the surface though. So many great bands/artists each day pretty much from the off.


CSH just aren’t that captivating a live act, not bad by any stretch, but usually in a festival scenario (depending on the festival of course) you have better choices for live shows.