First EOTR acts to be announced soon


MDM aint the guy for me, but don’t care, loads in there to work with, at announcement one.


Just spotted Brix - nice booking.


They’ve said fjm and mdm are headliners on twitter so I guess a 3rd is incoming?


Still reckon it’s “yer man”


Totally agree. Just checking it is definitely on, before announcing.

Could be like Nirvana at Reading when they had Carter USM and all their gear ready backstage in case Cobain didn’t make it to the stage.

Suspect Carter would be up for it.


Could be playing Latitude tbf


Way more up my street than Green Man but why is Mac Demarco a headliner? Do they just go by the size of venues they play when they tour? Would say JAMC and Band of Horses are bigger than Mac.


Mac DeMarco is pretty popular and more relevant than both of those bands currently and very popular among the end of the road crowd (the size of his crowd at the garden stage a couple years ago was a bit ridiculous)


Would take Green Man headliners and EotR undercard.


I think they’re taking a bit of a punt on him…I presume he has an album out this year, so they may be hoping his star ascends in a similar way to FJM in 2015.


Yeah, it feels a bit like they’re putting the cart before the horse in terms of Mac headlining but there’s an album out in May and already lots of hype so maybe he’ll feel headliner size by the time this rolls around.


They do like to boost people up the bill if they think they can handle it and can use the length of set. Savages second to headline last year was an occasion like that and it was epic. I think MDM will be in the Beirut vein of headliner - not a massive show but something really substantial.


This thread is full of people underestimating just how popular Mac DeMarco is


I have absolutely no concept. Is like Tame Impala all over again. Thought it a ludicrous booking, turned out to be biggest crowd of the weekend.


Think headlining a festival is/should be about more than popularity tbh.

I’ve seen Mac Demarco a couple of times. Perfectly good Sunday afternoon drinking fodder and entertaining, but not a show stealer.

FJM, on the other hand, is no bigger but is one of the most captivating live rock performers I’ve seen emerge in years. So he’s earned it, so to speak.


Might have to go back after a 5 year hiatus. There’s enough on this card to keep me both entertained and with space to twat about in the woods. Like it.

Definitely don’t get the Father John Misty hype so that will be drinkin’ time.


Definitely agree, like @jimmyhuntspill says, Tame Impala were far more popular than Low…who I would’ve thought are far bigger. Same with BSS last year.

I think you can underestimate the impact of “hipster” taste, although I hate using that term. Not everyone who attends eotr are anorak-like music nerds…and something that is new and hyped will usually draw a bigger crowd than a band who’s best material is decades ago (J & M Chain).


Amazing line up.

RSVP’D yes to a distant cousins wedding last week which is in Seville… Need an excuse as to why I can’t go and I’m really struggling. Any ideas folks?


Sorry I took a wrong turn and I’m stranded at a campsite. Or you can just say you’ve bought tickets for this festival already and didn’t realize it was on the same weekend until today


Yep, confirmed by EoRT - FJM and Mac deMarco headliners with another one to be announced.

(Not sure if that means we won’t get a Thursday headliner like the Shins last year. I was hoping for Interpol).