First EOTR acts to be announced soon


Someone asked that and they said no Woods stage on Thursday. I think they did that just because they had the option of booking the Shins, rather than as a regular thing.


So who do you think will be the third headliner (please expand if you chose “Someone Else”)?

  • Bon Iver
  • Fleet Foxes
  • Sigur Ros
  • Angel Olsen
  • Wilco
  • St. Vincent
  • John Grant
  • Spoon
  • Slowdive
  • Ezra Furman
  • Someone Else

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This lineup is really strong. Loads of good indie/folky stuff. On the electronic note, I’d really like to see Gold Panda and Kelly Lee Owens.

I must admit I was hoping they might have booked Slowdive, anyone reckon they could still sneak in?


On Mac DeMarco - he’s headlining the Usher Hall in Edinburgh in August, which is definitely EotR headlining level. War on Drugs, Ryan Adams and Nick Cave have all played there in the last few years.

This looks really good. I want to go again but I’m absolutely terrified of wasps and the hordes there last year are really putting me off :frowning:


There were a lot less last year than the year before. But they seem docile, maybe cause they are all drunk.


Good innit.

I’ll be there.


That email they sent didn’t really say MdM is headlining did it? I’m still not convinced.


They said on twitter that mdm and fjm are headlining


Might that be because it pissed down for most of the weekend… They all seemed to shelter in the Big Red Bus, which is also the best place for bacon sandwiches/beans on toast.


Are those bacon butties better than the ones at breakfast club just outside the arenabecause those are the best bacon butties in the world as far as I’m concerned.


Based on last year, yes, but my opinion might be swayed by the fact the bus had a roof…


I’m with you, their set at Glasto (watched on iplayer) seemed superb…I used to write off Band of Horses in a similar way… handful of good early songs then nothing…then I heard the new LP and it shocked me how strong it was - my LP of last year. I have since revisited their back catalogue - there are a few patchy moments but overall all albums are strong, particularly the new one and some belters generously sprinkled throughout the discography…if they were headlining that would suit me brilliantly although I am not sure how well loved they are - and with an EOTR crowd…

Rest of line-up is decent…good to see Ryley returning again…agree with the above that it seems short on headliner size acts compared with recent years…


much as Slowdive would be a dream…I can’t see it somehow…widely regarded now but still a bit niche to headline (even EOTR)…Interpol playing Bright Lights seems a good bet…and one I’d very much endorse.

Would be nice if MBV got on the road again


We’ll be adding more names to the line up on Thursday morning, including our third headliner! And it’s a doozy. smug face

-> Facebook.

Also they seem pretty confident in their 3rd headliner.


Quite a lot riding on it, if it is good I think easily tops Green Man this year


Mac Demarko is so bad


Someone thinks the Millhouse picture is a clue and it’s Van Morrison. He is touring. Not sure I’d be that excited by the prospect though.


Think it’s just a pop culture reference, it’s usually what they go for.


Naw its just a picture of milhouse looking smug


I keep having a go and I just hate everything about his act. Are we absolutely 100% sure this whole him headlining thing isn’t a massive mix up?