First EOTR acts to be announced soon


Two seconds research tells me he is ever so popular (two nights at Brixton), so what the hell do I know?


I hate how he is always performing, everytime the camera is on him he is doing the Mac stichk, watched the city is an island documentary about the Montreal music scene recently and there is this bit where he wakes up and tries to light a cigarette, even that was infuriating


As far as I can tell he is basically a young Gazza, fronting a weak indie band.


So it’s Bill Callahan

It’s an odd one, I think he’s great and seeing him live will be a real highlight…but I think you want your headliners to build excitement for others too…and he’s pretty niche.

Slowdive or J&MC would probably work better, actually


Like Bill Callahan, but headliner? Bit weird.

Happy with Slowdive though.


Do you know if he plays Smog stuff live?

Can see myself warming to this, especially if the answer is yes.


Only seen him once, probably ten years ago, and am pretty sure he did then.

He must do, right?


I expect so…though all three albums under his own name are strong, especially SIWIWAE.

Maybe he’s got another coming, too


Looks like he does the hits. Would love to see him do that set. Glad he seems to agree that Sometimes I Wish… is his best album


I’m all for this, but surely, two from top on the big stage, or headlining the Garden Stage or something?


I think his sound would suit the Garden better…but Sufjan was equally quiet and his set worked fantastically on the Woods.

I’m warming to this. It’s like they’ve booked a headliner more to give an impression of their taste rather than to just bring in more customers. Could also make him a ton of new fans, which would be richly deserved.


So, so, so stoked for this announcement.

I saw Bill Callahan in Manchester a couple of years ago and he was out-fucking-standing.

Slowdive, Waxahatchee and Allison Crutchfield are also super great.


Slowdive are headlining Thursday night in the Big Top :wink:


Thunk I’m gunna buy a ticket tonight. So much good stuff on the line up that the headliners don’t matter that much, but bill callahan’s a bonus


It’s a fucking great line up


Yeah it really is.


as much as i love eotr, feels a bit dodgy that they seem to delete negative comments about the announcement on FB


you think they’ve hired Barry?


And I’ve got a fucking wedding that weekend