First EOTR acts to be announced soon


Great choice of venue


If that’s true, that sucks

On the other hand though, I’m a member of that happy campers group (full of eotr diehards who have been going for years) who are moaning that it’s not The Decemberists. And none of them seem to know who Bill is, either. They were insufferable when Joanna Newsom was announced


Both Mrs JH and the chap from work who goes every year have been in touch this morning to ask who Bill is.


Well he isn’t a household name…


Drag City really need to put their stuff on streaming services. Although it’s always nice lending my Bill Callahan CD’s to people and seeing them become big fans too.


Very strong additions, although I have my suspicions Bill Callahan wasn’t their first choice to headline.


anybody who likes catchy, slightly fuzzy rock will love this


Shall we do a poll then

  • Going
  • Not going
  • Undecided

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Still think they went for Bon Iver

And this will never be (dis)proven


If that’s true I’m very happy they didn’t get him and had to get Bill Callahan instead


The bill is excellent. The headline acts are… samey. At least Bill’s closing so he can’t completely and totally overshadow the other two.

Big news for me is Katie Crutchfield (Waxahatchee) playing a festival at the same time as her sister Alison. If there’s a PS Eliot reunion I will go nuts. If it Line of Best Fit hide it in the woods and I don’t find out I will fucking rage. But yeah. Obviously Waxahatchee is excellent and I need to look up Alisons stuff. But PS Eliot. Oh my god if only.




Excited to hear that the big top is being used on Thursday.


Have I met you then? I was with that group right from when it started on the efestivals forum :slight_smile:

(It’s kinda weird now, because it started as a way for us to arrange to meet up, but now hundreds of people have joined who have no plans to actually meet up or camp with us/them). I think most of the core of that group would know who Bill C is :slight_smile: (but yer probably right about Joanna, not popular there at all).


No, I’m actually one of those “later” joiners which you were talking about, as I thought it was a general camping group.

We’ve not crossed paths yet…but hopefully sooner rather than later :slight_smile: this is my 3rd year and I don’t intend to stop soon. The group I’ve been been going with is steadily growing too, which is always good.

I do think J.Newsom is an acquired taste, but some of the criticism was a bit dramatic. What’s more, I think the exclusivity deal is more to do with minimising distractions when she’s playing (which is very complex) rather than any diva issues.


Ah, I probably came across a bit snobbier there than I should have (I mean, the original ethos of that group was that anyone could join, that it was for people going on their own who wanted company). Just seems to have evolved into a general chat.

Might not meet you for a bit as I’ve left the UK, but I’m hoping to get back in a year or two and would probably target EoTR if I do (toss-up with maybe Primavera, shame the dates are so far apart).

With Newsom. I sorta feel like if they’d originally said “we know not everyone loves her, but the only way for her to do a proper show is to have the rest of the venue quiet. It’s only for 90 minutes and you’re still getting the same number of acts” people would be OK. But (when she played last time) they made a big thing about how 'everyone loves Joanna and it will be perfect for us all to come together and appreciate her". That bit annoyed me. (But yeah, some people in that group were being a little dramatic :D)


Wow…cool…thanks for the heads up…will have to give some consideration about how I can get to attend this! [:blush:]


When do you reckon we can expect some more?


Couple of things:

Bill Callahan moved to Garden Stage (good in one way, but definitely a downgrade. Interested to see who’s on the Woods now)

PWR BTTM dropped

I also don’t think there are any/many bands left to announce…as they have similar numbers to last year. Bit disappointed about that

Comedy line up announced:


Does that mean someone else will be moved up to headline or will there be another announcement? Also is someone going to be in the Thursday night shins slot or was that a one off?