First EOTR acts to be announced soon


Slowdive and Moonlandingz are playing the Big Top on Thursday night, probably some others too and some in the Tipi. Woods Stage not open on Thursday this year.

I think we’ll get another small announcement, but the new Woods headliner will be taken from the existing bill. Band Of Horses or Lucinda Williams probably the most likely. But you never know!


I’ve heard that Slowdive are on Thursday night in the Big Top? They should at least move that to the Woods…be even better if they pick up the Callahan spot.

Either way, I think it’s unlikely any more big bands will be announced (just replacements for PWR BTTM and Girl Band).


In general I really don’t like their “airbrushing” approach to social media.

The whole tone with announcing Bill Callahan was that it was a “dream” and the guy they were always after. Now he’s bumped down to the Garden Stage, apparently due to the success of his recent intimate London gigs…but it’s likely down to predicted popularity. I think it’s a great move…but I don’t like the way they portray it as part of some master plan


This is where I disagree. Slowdive would be too big for any other night of the festival, but not the Thursday. I do not think they will be the draw that a few people seem to think they will be. The majority of people that rock up on the Thursday are there to meet up with friends and drink heavily, the music is a bonus. The Shins actually attracted a Thursday crowd last year, but I don’t think Slowdive will have the same pull.


You might be right (either way I think we agree that a Fri/Sat/Sun set on the Woods would be ideal). But…if they do turn out to be popular, the Big Top isn’t the most “adaptable” of stages. Could be carnage


Again, I disagree. They’ve been after him for years, from back when the Garden Stage was the headline stage. I’ve seen him with a full band at the Southbank and I was at one of the Hoxton Hall shows. The Soiuthbank show could easily have been held on the Woods Stage, but maybe after subsequent discussions, he will only be bringing that minimal set-up, which clearly won’t translate to a stage of that size.


They were a much smaller festival then. Thinking back to when he was first announced, a good number of people hadn’t even heard of him. I stress that I think he’s brilliant and that it’s great he was given a headline spot, but I absolutely don’t believe he was their first choice.


Not quite, I don’t think they’re big enough to headliner Woods either. I think us older (I’m 40) indiekids look at the legacy acts with rose-tinted specs, ignoring the fact that half the audience will be considerably younger and the appeal of your Slowdives and JAMCs isn’t as great as we would think.


Not first choice as headliner, no (I think most people were expecting that to be Bon Iver, and it could well have been), but there’s no denying that they’ve always wanted to book him.


Hadn’t seen the thing about Bill C being moved but that is interesting. It’s also a really good move. In terms of replacement, haven’t half of Band of Horse left? Or are they just getting some new ploddy guys in to replace them?

Could all this be code for them getting a “proper” headliner?


I don’t debate that point. Don’t you feel the organisers “gloss over” things too much though? Can’t ever imagine them owning up to mistakes, for example. And deleting negative comments, as @yuggy said above, is shady behaviour


i really fucking hope they dont make bill and slowdive clash


Reckon they forgot to sign an exclusivity clause and weren’t expecting him to play London 6 times this year so he is no longer much of a draw


Nah, I’m a total EOTR fanboy and apologist. I never see fault. Can’t even accept Newsom-gate as an issue.

And in this case, what would “owning up to their mistake” actually achieve? All it does it does is shut down internet gossip and speculation on niche forums, hardly a concern for them. There will be 10000 tickets sold, the fact that we’ve bought (I assume) tickets regardless of these “mistakes” and will do so again next year, means that it’s not worth worrying about.


What was Newsom gate, was it that she wanted to play longer?


When she first played, she insisted that there was nothing going on anywhere else on the festival site at the same time. Even the cider bus had to shut down its soundsystem. Riled many a punter, what with her being a somewhat acquired taste.

When she played a second time, everyone was like “That can’t possibly happen again! Surely they listened to the complaints!??”. But it did happen again and there was much frothing.

For the record, she was great both times! LOL! Unlucky, haterz!


Ah right, I was at both enjoying her performances so oblivious to the situation


So you’re saying that eotr can be totally lackadaisical about PR (and even booking a line up) and they’ll still continue to sell out for the next 5-10 years? From what I remember, they only sold out days before it started last year, I don’t think they’ll want to be complacent.

Regardless, it’s still important to be as open in your communication as possible. Whether I’m writing as a niche concern or not, censorship is poor form.


Found the link - clearly going to announce a new name in the sunday headline slot.


But it’s not being lackadaisical about PR, is it? It’s a total non-issue. Bill Callahan is still playing, they’ve decided to put him on the Garden Stage, where he belongs. In fact, they could have just done that anyway, without putting ANY kind of announcement out.

And yes, I do think it will sell out for the next 5-10 years because it is an amazing festival, with an incredibly strong line-up, and little communication problems (if you do see them as problems) are not going to stop that.