First EOTR acts to be announced soon


Really happy to hear Bill will be on the Garden stage, not least because it’s a much better stage. Fundamentally I think he has the back catalogue to hold a crowd on the mainstage but you can’t be absolutely sure that he’ll be in the mood to do it. I’ve seen him almost a dozen times now and only about 3 of those has be seemed remotely interested in playing to the audience. Personal favourite was when he asked the audience for requests and then mocked their choices.

Don’t really care who replaces him because I will be watching Bill.


Absolutely, nothing will ever go wrong.


Well if you see it as a non point there’s no point continuing this is there


Absolutely, and I really should get on with some work now! We’ll share a pint during Let Me See The Colts in September and forget this discussion ever happened.


When do you reckon they are going to stop pretending they haven’t got a third headliner?


When they do the stage splits I’m guessing


Weird though, isn’t it - you’d think they’d either have kept Bill C announced as headliner, until they announce the replacement, rather than have some sort of weird period where he IS the headliner, but he is playing a different stage, and we don’t know who is playing the slot they said he would be playing in. Or maybe they want a little flat spot, before announcing OMG new MEGA HEADLINER, or something.

Could do with knowing, as remain totally unclear as to whether I am going or not this year.


yeah same boat for me, on the brink of buying a ticket already, if they announce an interesting new headliner it’ll give me the nudge


I have early birds, but none of our friends are going, and we are skint so is tempting to flog them and pick it up again as a thing next year.

But one band I love would swing it (loads I like, am interested in, but not sure we are at £700 good at the moment).


Genuinely don’t think they’ll announce anyone else big. I might just be playing my own expectations down…but usually they try to build excitement for this sort of thing…so a surprise inclusion seems very unlikely


So who plays last on the Sunday? Be a bit naff if they just slide the bands up one.


A few years back the No Other Band thing was counted as a headliner, but they played on the Garden Stage whilst St. Vinny took over the main, so honestly wouldn’t surprise me if they do something like this and bump someone up.


Jesus Mary Chain bumped up to headlineer



King Khan And The Shrines, Nick Hakim, Starcrawler, Psychic Markers and TootArd توت أرض added

Japanese Breakfast removed


So gutted about Japanese Breakfast. Still, this scheduling is pretty good for me - not too many clashes which I thought was inevitable.


It’s a nightmare for me, that Sunday night is a killer. JAMC against Bill, against Japandroids, against Marika Hackman. I know it will be staggered enough for me to see two of them, but it’s a horrible choice to make.

Real Estate against Jens, BOH against Car Seat Headrest, Courtney Marie Andrews against Sinkane, and probably loads more. It’s CLASHTASTIC!


Perfume Genius vs Deerhoof Vs Amadou And Mariam :’(


That run in the Big Top on Friday, is a belter. Kelly Lee Owens through to Pond. But it would mean staying in the Big Top and missing out on Ryley Walker, Jens, Parquet Courts, Real Estate and Mac.

I could also stay at the Garden Stage all day on Sunday, but wouldn’t want to miss Blanck Mass, Nadia Reid and Alison Crutchfield, plus the aforementioned headliners on the other stages.


This is the most brutal clash for me as well! Can only hope that it will be staggered so that Deerhoof play in the hour slot between the end of Amadou & Mariam and the beginning of JAMC. Sunday in general is going to be clash hell.


Anyone got any recommendations for early Friday afternoon? I’d put off researching bands until the day splits were announced, and there’s nothing that really stands out to me before Ryley Walker. I’ve heard good things about Goat Girl.