First EOTR acts to be announced soon


Julie Byrne


Yep, Julie Byrne, Kelly Lee Owens and Daniel Romano are all must sees for me on Friday. Also got Aaron Lee Tasjan (just to see THAT jacket) and All We Are pencilled in.


Car Seat Headrest were pish earlier this year in Glasgow, I’d give them a miss if you’ve a clash, massive disappointment


Sunday is proper clash-o-rific (although King Khan will blatantly do a late night Tipi set and I’ll be seeing Deerhoof in London anyway), but the big annoyance for me is Lemon Twigs vs Alvvays vs Let’s Eat Grandma.


First time a festival has (for me) looked better after the day splits are announced, rather than before. Yesterday, wasn’t going, now am back to 50/50. Just cant decide.

JAMC as headliner actually looks really good - reckon they will have no issues handling that. Saturday just looks plain fun.


Cheers! Already enjoying this Kelly Lee Owens album quite a bit.


Goat Girl are shit. Not really, they are fantastic. No goats in the band though, just girls. Women really. Singer has fantastic attitude.


Miffle off.

Think we are going.


Japandroids and Bill don’t clash. Big top headliners always start much later.


Just made a mammoth playlist, based on the write-ups from the line-up page. What smaller acts would people recommend?


Would totally recommend Duds if you’re into sharp, punchy and slightly abrasive post-punk/no-wave. Their debut album is coming out in September on John Dwyer’s Castle Face Records and should be a belter.

Also really looking forward to Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever - just brilliant indie-pop with great hooks and multiple vocalists. They remind me quite a bit of early Flying Nun bands like The Clean and The Chills.


Post-punk is usually a bit hit and miss for me…but association with John Dwyer is intriguing. The whole line up is a tiny bit short on the rock/psych side this year. I’m not complaining though…there seems to be more electronic stuff and weird world music around.


Who of the smaller acts (who you didn’t know before) have grabbed your attention?

This new Moses Sumney track has bumped him up to must-see in my eyes


Just looking at earlier discussion re: MDM and his headline slot. I can totally see it now and I think he’ll get a really big crowd. FJM too.

My only major gripe now is having to see Slowdive in the Big Top. Garden would be perfect, but it might not be ready in time. Last year The Woods was open though which I think would be far more suitable. Surely if they see J&TMC headlining the Sunday surely Slowdive are big enough??


Pretty sure the thinking is that Slowdive won’t be as big a lure as The Shins were to get people to arrive early. The attendance on site will probably be smaller on Thursday than it was last year which means the stage for the main draw won’t need to be as large. The entire festival will be there for J&MC.


Think you’re massively overestimating J&MC…who mean very little to anyone under 30. Think you’ll see far more on the Garden Stage for Bill Callahan. If J&MC had any relevant appeal…they would have just announced them as proper headliners in the first place, no?


Especially when compared to Slowdive…who’s new album is getting plaudits all over the shop. Meanwhile, no one noticed J&MC put a new one out.


No I think you misunderstood, I mean the entire festival will be in attendance whilst Jesus and Mary chain play so their audience potential will be far larger. Jesus Mary Chain are easily the smallest headliner EOTR have booked in years.


Yeah, all this still smacks of being unable to book someone else - however, I love EOTR and reckon JaMC are more than capable of pulling off that slot, AND Garden stage is a better place for Bill C, so don’t think it has worked out too badly.


Yeah I did misunderstand, apologies. I was also thinking it’d be good if Slowdive were the Sunday headliners but a) they may have to play Thursday to fit in with their schedule and b) that would clash with Bill Callahan.