First EOTR acts to be announced soon


Absolutely do not get the Lemon Twigs. Which is annoying as I feel like I should…

Go for Alvvays if you ask me, latest single is a proper earworm


Have you seen The Lemon Twigs live? I think anyone on the fence over Alvvays and Lemon Twigs live should probably go for the later because they’re exhilarating as a live act. If you ask me where I think most of their positive attention comes from it’s from people who have caught them live.


That sounds encouraging…they certainly have something different, but they sound so unfocused on record.

The issue for me will be I totally dismissed Alvvays in 2015…but have really gotten into them now.


Aah yeah if you’re a fan of Alvvays do see them, I’ve seen them twice and they put on a good set, especially if it’s sunny.


Final additions also include Laraaji, Bo Ningen and the mighty J.C. Satàn.




Love erased tapes…so even though I don’t really know these new guys, I’m excited


This will be my first End of the Road and I am pretty bloody excited for it. Lineup is incredible and it all looks so nice.

Any hints and tips? Usually when going to a new festival, a friend would have done it before, but the four of us going will all be a little blind so any help be appreciated.


Dougie Dare is amazing


Looks like you got your wish


Don’t really need to give any hints and tips if I’m honest other than enjoying yourself

The festival is so effortless that any survival tips feel like overkill, if you want to watch the secret sets in the Tipi tent prepare to arrive early as that stage fills up fast… that’s about it. If you want an amazing bacon buttie to go to the breakfast van outside the arena entrance before 9.30am if possible otherwise you’ll need to wait for AGES>

Also please don’t break the ping pong Thunderdome, was devastated last year when I went to play it and the thing had collapsed. Also the silent disco at the garden stage is really fun, you should try and do it one night.


just get a feel for it on thursday

it’s a nice pace. recommend digging around though to find all the sweet wee spots hidden away. the piano stage in the woods is great. often find artists just doing impromptu sets there and that.

but if there’s one thing you NEED to do it’s RINGO MUSIC BINGO.

The guy is hysterical.


I echo a lot of what @Yesiamaduck says…the best enjoyment just comes from soaking it all up naturally

I guess as I’m a bit of an anally retentive music fan, you might not want to be like me as in hopping from stage to stage…but try to get a good feel for each stage, so you can find your favourite. See some comedy also. And eat lots of different food


Excited about this now. My folks are nearby, so my child will be with them, and me and Mrs JH will dropping in and out all weekend. Slowdive and Bo Ningen is making Thursday look like a really good time for a dude likely to be on his own, chuffing down bitter.


Sunday morning the bar next to the tipi tent there’s a regular Inkspots dj set. It’s been happening since the first year. Get breakfast, buy an espresso martini at the bar, and ease into the Sunday.

Really though, as other’s have said, this is really easy festival. It’s not big and it’s not overcrowded. Nothing is difficult. Sad I’m not going this year.


I don’t want to be a massive shandy pants, but the one thing that disappeared last year was the wine options. They were replaced by the excellent Beavertown options, but does anyone know where else can sell me wine?


Y’all selling it well. Ta! Really cannot wait.


Yeah. The food is almost as big of an attraction for me now as the music.


Hang on, Thursday is Brix, Bo Ningen and Slowdive. That’s a great day.


JC Satan on at 12pm Friday is a bit frustrating… Will no doubt be hungover from the Thursday evening and they are the sort of band you want to see much later in the day. Hopefully they are secretly squeezed in somewhere else as well…

The Thursday lineup is so great though. Could happily watch the lot, but will settle for Slowcoaches, Moonlandingz and Slowdive I reckon.