First evening of September 🌇

Nice day?

I had a nice day :relieved:


Had my lavender honey with some french beans i was given, some frebch bread i also got free and i tried some kousa dogwood berries from a little bush in Old Trafford. My neighbour also left some nice salad for me.

Drank prosecco straight from the bottle then had a shower whilst listening to Two Weeks so now I’m a bit flustered :peach:


I think I’d call lying on the couch listening to Arthur Russell and eating ice cream a nice day, aye.


So my dad rings me goes I’m in leeds fancy a pint. Turn up at spoons he’s leathered. Have a couple of pints with him. Go to the bar and get us two more pints get back to the table

“I’m gonna get off so I can get home for kick off”

I don’t mind a solo pint but sitting in spoons with a two pints on my own is a bit of a no no for me.

Gonna have them obv but not happy about it


Work - fine
Friendship issues - annoying and self created, but at least trying to fix them
Dinner - pasta al limone and garlic bread
Dessert - dark choc and ginger cookies (yet to be made)
Now - listening to bright eyes in the park
Beer - maybe a weird sour, it’s that sort of night

Be well friendos

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Only way to do it

Not really, no. But I’m really glad you had a nice day :relaxed:

Hmmm, 11 finish, so still more than 4hrs to go. Get to drive the van today though. Beep beep.


I’m in the pub. It’s raining. Going to a gig soon.


Who you seeing?

Absolutely fucking knackered lads. Been doing house stuff all day then made tacos for tea. Gonna drink some beers and watch some more MM, Peter Mannion is in this one so that’s good.

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Advance Base (previously Casiotone for the Painfully Alone). Very exciting. I must’ve seen him a dozen times before.




A man, Little Sable Point Lighthouse is one of my tracks of the year. Stunner. Enjoy

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Really don’t feel it, but :heart:

My friend gave me a box of wax last year so I thought about making a wax melt but turns out the wax already smells nice so I don’t really have to? Don’t really have many spices anyway but I’ve added

1x clove
2x curry leaves ??
Sprinkle of dried thyme

I don’t think it’s added much but feels like I did something

Rushed out of the house for something I thought I needed to attend at 7, then realised it was 7.30. Took myself for a wander instead. Riverside is looking pretty


Fish and chips in the oven. Doing a bit of work as a favour for someone but I can sit on my arse and do it during the football. Feel a bit lonely. Want to make some plans with friends for the weekend but the likely potential of them being busy with other stuff and the crushing feeling of that being confirmed is a bit offputting.

Ugh, lucky. I keep missing him due to timing/bad planning

Never got specifically into Advance Base but was obsessed with the Answering Machine/Pocket Symphonies double album I picked up

Sounds delicious.

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I want to dip my tongue in the wax

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