First evening of the week

Gonna have burgers and watch Heroes

Saw some cool flats pop up, getting back to viewing them asap

Go go

Had a great day on the island of white. Off tomorrow, so a few lagers tonight. Haircut tomorrow. It’s all happening in casa rich-t


Had the heafty wedge of Oaksmoked cheese that I got from Bents yesterday for me dinner and ever since I have feelings I’m going to have very strange dreams tonight


Cursing greedy Sunday Spicer for not leaving Monday Spicer enough chorizo stew for tonight. Probably just eat what I’ve got with loads of bread.

Listening to Archie Shepp, drinking honey and lemon, solving crosswords.

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Discord is down so I might have to talk to people here.

Doing a bit of work

Watching some more Time although it’s not very cheery is it?

My previous school have Ofsted tomorrow very much hope they get what they deserve

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Just made my first baked sweet potato of the winter with beans and vegan sausages. 6/10 dinner

Sat down to watch the Spurs game but it’s still Jamie Carragher waffling on about stats


Verdict: Requires Return of Teacher with Cool Jumpsuits


Evening all.

First day of no work and all relaxation was very much not as planned, am still working.

Cat was horrible to the puppy earlier. Horrid little beast. The puppy was delightful (apart from eating my rug) - see her adorable face in the dog thread.

Getting my hair dyed tomorrow, only ever done it myself.



Done a food shop. Just had dinner.

Mostly still dwelling on the £8.81 butternut squash.


Pretty sure that will be mentioned :star_struck:

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Evening. At my parents’ for a change of scene (and also cos my sister is here as we’re all going to a funeral on Wednesday). My mum’s put the toddler to bed so we might go to the pub :laughing:

I’ve just turned onto a cable channel showing Elementary and the big reveal is that someone grew some ears on her back and then had them cut off to trick her fiance into thinking she’d been kidnapped. (DNA match you see)

Is it always this good?

Evening. Been a nothing day, other than experiencing the fun of getting a cat into a carrier. Still not feeling great so another sofa evening but did manage to make this for dinner which was nice Rukmini Iyer Crispy Gnocchi With Mushrooms and Squash Recipe | Quick Traybake

Might watch planet earth or finish schitts creek off.

Wow. Both pubs in this town are shut so we’re on the floating bridge to Cowes :laughing:


Big night out then

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Lol. We told our parents we won’t be long :joy:


Finishing my birthday evening off with a G&T in bed. Early sleep planned cause shattered. Had some good pizza for tea, and a slice of matcha cake which Mr s_w brought me back from Manchester.

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Out out?

Fucking hell even the place we’d eyed up here is shut, so we’re in a proper yachty place where I used to get served at 16.

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