First evening of the week


I’m WELL blummin’ tired!

One of those nights where I had a right weird dream in the night and kept waking up and falling back to micro-sleep with borked dreams about earthquakes and what have you

Large volume of test data was imported to prod when I was on annual leave, would’ve advised importing a much smaller sample as there’s no easy way to delete it all when the final data needs importing. If you bulk select all of it it basically crashes the CMS. So that’s something shit hanging over me until the day arrives when they’re asking me how to delete the test data.


Just got back from model/actriz in Birmingham. One of the best live frontman performances I’ve ever seen and nice to have that slightly buzzy post gig feeling for the first time in ages.


Having a wine and watching league of gentlemen.

Had a well good day. Walked to Clifton and looked at the suspension bridge from a safe distance, then walked back down into town and looked at the Ss Great Britain before a massive fuck off ploughman’s lunch and then a look at the st nicks market. Dad went home for a nap and I got an Indian head massage.

Came back home and then both of us went to the bowling alley. I was legit rubbish.


Now onto the dregs of my parents fridge


Evening, had a couple of schofferhoffers

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