First Evening Thread On The New Boards


Just had burgers on the bbq for tea, no idea what the night holds, probably Bake Off, what you all up to?


Working late, burrito on the way


A BOLD newbie move, Dingers. I salute you.

I’m still at work but not for long, then cooking for the mrs and her pals, which actually I’m quite looking forward to.


Aw damnit, I wanted to make this.

Probably going to go watch a funk cover band later on. Oh, and reply to some PMs.

Wrote my first review of anything in years last week and now it’s online so I am definitely having one drink to celebrate that too.


What’s in the burrito Ant?


Making some homemade pesto.

Gonna watch bake off, might get some beer in?


Beef, beans, rice, salsa, the usual innit.


Gotta make my mark early. What you cooking for your guests?


having burgers and sweet potato fries yeeeeeee


Evening dingers and evening thread regulars.
It’s proper fucking muggy, gonna make some Spanish pepper/potato/chorizo thing for dinner.
And later continue watching narcos which I’ve just started, good stuff so far.


Not got enough time to do anything OTT so instead doing a puttanesca.


Link please…



Got to prepare for an oral assessment (fnar) tomorrow morning. Been told to spend about three hours on it.

Going to start any minute now.


Just had our dishwasher replaced. The smell that came out of the old one when it was disconnected was mind-boggling. Properly made me gag. Looking forward to giving it a spin later!


Been meaning to check this out. Sounds like a mixed bag.


How has plasticniki got a subtitle after her name?

I want one!





Mod privilege :ok_hand:


Reorganised my freezer like an absolute boss.

Breakfast items (yer snags, yer bacon) on the right hand side of the top shelf. All other meats up there with them.

Bottom shelf, veg and veggie sides at the back. Fish at the front. Most productive I’ve been all day.