First it was Primula, then it was Philadelphia but

when will the Laughing Cow put jalapenos in their cheese?

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I would like to hear a techno song based around this refrain


A Dairylea Lunchable with a whole Jalapeno as the dipping element (still marketed at kids)

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This might be a way of getting my son to eat dairylea (he won’t eat that, but will happily eat a handful of sliced jalapenos)

why does philadelphia go mouldy so quickly

whats in it

Spice warrior eh? I saw one of my wife’s family’s kids openly weep after taking a mouthful of mildish chilli the other week. Was very amusing.


Mouldy milk

What a cool guy!


isn’t that basically all cheese

Not at all! He normally complains the (pretty mild) curries I cook are too spicy, but yeah, for some reason, he loves eating jalapenos.

kids eh???!

He would eat any kind of cheese (but he won’t eat that)

Clearly jalapenos his stuff.

(in this post, I’ve renamed your son “Halla P”)

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Yes, that’s what we call him.

It’s short for Hallalujah, Primula!


ATOL protected!

Optimus Primula