First, Last, and Next...

DiSer you met, please

First: I think @scout on 14 September 2009 at a Sunset Rubdown gig at the Deaf Institute, Manchester (this is also my brother’s birthday, I’m not a complete date-remembering weirdo!) Actually it could be moousse or even rocknrollmassacre or gowman? I can’t remember it was so long ago.

Last: going to go with whoever I said bye to last at the London meat, so @paidinfull maybe? Had some good Culceth/Whalley Range chat and now every time I cycle past the butcher near my house I think ‘paidinfull used to live in that flat’

Next: TBC but very much open to suggestions

Also, do you remember when on the old DiS you used to be able to hover over a thread title and it would give you a preview of the delicious content inside and sometimes people would put some filler there to stop you from getting the preview so you’d have to open the thread properly? Good times, man.


Think the first was a combo of @OceanStorm @eltham nice_squirrel, jonnyrat and fidel_catstro back when we formed a dis superband

Last was probably @marckee or @BMS1 at a show

Next…who knows?! It could be YOU!


By last do you mean people you already knew and hung out with from dis or last you met for the first time, cos it’d be a different answer

Never met any of you.
Was in an Ikea cafe at same time as @rich-t once. That’s it and shall be until the end of times!


You should they are good people imo. Mostly.


Even if we met you’ll always be unfamiliar to me

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Last that you met for the first time I think

We’ve 100% been in the same room before many times, just never talked. Usually the windmill. Usually an Ormsby thing

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Ha, oh yeah you’re right. I do get you and mildmanneredjanitor confused because you look a bit similar and have changed from your original usernames

Next time we will meet. (if there is a next time)

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first was acoulethic/loui tacceh, we met on a bench outside bank station to talk about starting a band in spring of 2010

last I met for the first time was the big group just before xmas, of those I met for the first time that day I believe it was @froglet who I had known online for the longest before meeting IRL

next could be anyone tbh

My first was Eric. One of the nights we got very drunk on sludge.
Think the last one I met for the first time was either Elights or ColossalHorse at their excellent techno night a few months back, both lovely.
Next: Balonz I reckon. Or Dave.

first um… @commandercool and @pretty_vacant or maybe @nice_squirrel
last @Twinkletoes (sort of)

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this makes it sound more like we made out than we did


First: I think maybe @plasticniki at a primavera one year… :thinking:

Last: always see @Scout out and about

Next: probably @Scout


First: @Kallgeese at Primavera 2017 I think

Last: Glasgow quiz crew - laelfy, p_a_ul, japes, unlucky, laika

Next: probably same as above

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Scout & about


I’d seen a number of DiSers at gigs but the very first one I spoke to was @olegrich, who I bumped into on our way to the inaugural DiS FC 11-a-side match back in 2008. That day I met loads more DiSers.

The last one was @mildmanneredjanitor, on Millenium Bridge, a few weeks before lockdown started. He was out running, I was on my way to get a fancy lunch, obviously.

Next? Whoever decides to make their debut at the upcoming London DiS meat.


First @anon50098204 Daniel Kitson at the South Bank maybe December 2011?
Last @anon50098204 Daniel Kitson at the South Bank maybe December 2011?
(my everything)
next whoever comed to Frensham Pondfest 2021


oh not sure if I answered the last and next bits correctly.

last met some new DiSers at that gig a year or so ago? @cutthelights and @escutcheon maybe.

next new ones… probably some of the MME Ive not spoken to yet but deffo been in the same room as.


so @anon50098204 knows what you actually look like? Or looked like 9 years ago?

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