First, Last, and Next...

so @thewarn knows what you actually look like? Or looked like 9 years ago?

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First: @ynot but we weren’t DiSers at the time, probably would have been @meowington other than that I think before one of @xylo’s open mic nights when I couldn’t find the place and she helpfully came and found me

Last: Last I saw was @bergkamp or dan_thw but they don’t count, would have been out best friend @Scott_Chegg other than that when I sold him my CRJ ticket a few months back

Next: Fuck knows, maybe we’ll employ another one this summer…


first I think was ghostpony at the first edinburgh festival i went to. dunno how long ago… ten years?

last was @svenrokk in february

next… fuck knows, probably one of the bike wankers

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First: mits c.5yrs ago (still recovering)
Last: Pretty sure I encountered creaky in Sutton Coldfield a year or two ago
Next: Difficult to say. Maybe I will finally get to Fenino at some point…

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First was @anon32406580 when I was too shy to actually move from the bar to talk to the other top dissers who had all congregated for a Glasgow meat. I ended up getting hammered and everyone probably thought I was a prick.

Last probably @Lo-Pan or @keith at a gig.

Next, would like to meet @NeilYoung but I think the chances are slim. Dream big though eh? Or maybe @colon_closed_bracket because for some reason the Glasgow team are gatecrashing his house or something.


I believe he may have cast his eye over me (lustfully as I recall).

I also met @malibustacey too but I don’t think I remember her as a DiSer.

Also nearly met him again at Tree but something happened with us getting meals that meant it didn’t happen. That would have been Jan 2015.

Would v much like to meet @discobot


Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.

such a bloody brown nose


Will we ever meet @discobot? Silent treatment hey?

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First was @grievoustim some time last year. Last was also @grievoustim at the Orielles gig at Chalk.

Next, who knows. South coast beers with @rich-t and @hankscorpio would be good, but the trains look rubbish. And before coronavirus there was talk of going up to Manchester in august, and I’d mailed @stickboy about potentially catching up, but as you can see he’s left DiS now, so maybe that doesn’t count any more.

First I met as a DiSer was @roastthemonaspit , though I knew a couple writers and posters through going to/putting on gigs.

Last was @Gnometorious , @Avery , @tilty , @fappable , @barleysugar .

Not sure on next. Let see what 2022 has to offer.


He’s totally gone is he?

Been to Carefully Planned a few times so have spotted some of the MME lot around the place (andyvine, dots, moussee and apparently Tillance and Acorn were there too) but never actually met any of you.

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Oohh yes sorry last met was @roastthemonaspit for Carly Rae related ticket things.

Very tall. Very kind.


My first would’ve been the Glasgow crew I met, including @xylo @anon32406580 @TheWza and tomatron, commandercool, p_v, and ghostpony.

Last - the DiS State crew: @TVDenimChap @Twinkletoes @McGarnagle along with @Aggpass @nemrac @cutthelights @Unlucky and at:andyvine, along with and:manches-brute and at:elights, at:Matt_was_taken and loads more I’m likely to have forgotten as I was very very drunk.

Next; idk


The first I met were very brief “hellos” with doubtful and klaire at a Blood Brothers gig at the Zodiac in Jan 2007. I then met loads more like, bamos, nice_squirrel, gunty, creaky etc at Zonino 2 the next day.

Last, idk, Winch Meat people, I guess, other than that gnome.

next, idk, other than that gnome.

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I don’t remember but very similar potential firsts to dots. Maybe it was rocknrollnmassacre, seems likely. In retrospect I also know when I first saw someone from here (but not met) and it was also @dots at Benicassim I think in 2008. I was sat on the floor near the first big tent after having jumped up and down non stop to Ladytron (it was the first time I’d taken pills after making friends with some Spanish lads who got us some from the olive grove outside, of course when I tried the following year to show my mate what an all time drugs baron I was, obviously, they sold me, the silly Brit, some laundry powder concoction). I was recovering from too much bouncing about in a nylon dress in the heat and he was stood over me looking quite quite drunk. Not sure I posted on dis at that point. Maybe lurked.

Last, @Matt_was_taken when I was playing with some walkie talkies in the garden the other day, but last new to me diser @ericVI

Next, idk, anyone who wants to come and hang out with me/the kitten :hugs:

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Do you think that if he were to start shrinking his kindness would also start to diminish or do you feel that his height and kindness levels are unrelated?

Feel free to chip in on this with your own take should you wish to btw @roastthemonaspit

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First: whoever was at the third(?) Wethercrawl

Last: technically @weeber as we were both at a Labour branch meeting a few months back

Next: whichever one of you is first in the queue to wreck my fanny after lockdown