First lunch thread of 2018

What y’all having for lunch? Something healthy? I’m working somewhere different today and have only two options for lunch: Subway or Pizza Hut. Tempted to get a pizza delivered here for the bants.

* yes I know Pizza Hut is crap

@Unlucky and I had veggie burritos @ericVI


Also I would go Pizza Hut for sure out of those two!

ouch. think that would have to be subway. hope this isn’t going to be 300 replies of “subway is dogshit vs subway is fine” having now said that… sorry


It’s delivery only so would mean getting it delivered to an open plan office where I am a visitor for the day. I won’t be doing this as I’m not a weirdo.

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cheese sandwich

(get a a pizza hut)

Crackerbread and mackerel pate, about 150 calories. Also surrounded by discarded crisp packets as haven’t got out of the Christmas habit of over-indulgence yet :frowning:

Subways fine. End of discussion.


Love mackerel pate. Cracker bread not so much.

Last night’s grated halloumi, carrot and courgette patties in a roll with tahini, avo and rocket

massive salad
"jammy peanut cookie" for after

Oooh, pics/ recipe please?

2nd recipe in this


Im on a no-fancy-lunches budget for january so will be reduced to burritos for tea once a week :scream:

Tin of tomato soup and toast for me

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we might have done this before on here but how do you grate a halloum

That sounds really nice

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With a grater? It grates pretty easily

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It was. Not sure how it’ll be cold but it was really nice warm

does it? thought it would be too soft and just mush through it

hope @meowington doesn’t see this