First music in your ears 2020

Me- Self Esteem - Compliments Please

Did you turn on the radio?
Connect your Bluetooth?
Was the first song you heard playing from someone else’s speakers?

Happy New Year :tada: btw. :tada::tada:
I really love all you dorks - (I met you all at gigs, btw, if anyone asks) :wink:

@avery knows all the words

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Was woken up by Mrs TWI blasting The New Year by Death Cab for cutie through the Echo.
Followed by a DCFC mix.


Very nice! I thoroughly approve :blush:

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She’s a keeper :grin::+1:

Happy New Year btw

I’ve been recovering from illness recently, so went to bed at about half 11 with Chill Out by the KLF playing, so I would have subliminally heard the end of that while I was asleep at midnight.

I turned on the spare phone, turned on the Bluetooth speaker, passed the phone to my eldest - and so the first music I heard in 2020 was a version of Pachelbel’s Canon, played by train horns


Side C of dubnobasswithmyheadman was left on the record player, so I treated myself to Dirty Epic by Underworld whilst cleaning the fridge.

Although actually, I stayed in and worked on music past midnight, so the first thing I heard would technically be a Sunbane work-in-progress called Refuse to Divide

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Queen - One Vision

DJ in the town square. Last song I heard in 2019 was Bon Jovi.

Italians love Queen.

For real?

Yeah he was on hootenanny


Phil Oakley and Giorgio Moroder - Together in Electric Dreams.

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Just heard Total Eclipse of the Heart on an advert which was number one when I was born. Either means I’m going to die this year, or I’m going to be reborn somehow…maybe a cult?

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Was listening to Pyroclasts by Sunn O))) to drown out the fireworks, so probably that.


Pup - Morbid Stuff


Excellent choice :blush:

I love that song tbh

Hope you don’t die btw xxx